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Hello Moviepilot community! Here is my Dreamteam to survive/ defeat the major threat. So with out further a do I present to you *drum roll*....................

The Savior's of the world

My Team Captain: Green Arrow

I know I am probably the only entry that didn't put Batman as their captain but the reason I came to the decision to put Oliver Queen as my leader is because he has the smarts, the leadership, and the survival skills. Plus he would make sure that I wouldn't fail my city.

1st Round Pick: World War Hulk

Do I even need to explain why I picked him?! I mean he's the friggin' Hulk! But to specify I choose Hulk from the World War Hulk storyline. He invaded the planet with an army then defeated basically almost ever hero including the Illuminati and then he made them (almost) fight to the death!

2nd Round Pick: Thanos

As my 2nd round pick I choose The Mad Titan himself..... Thanos! With the power of the Infinity Gauntlet he is basically unstoppable. There are so many incredible things he has done over the years! He has withstood Black Bolt's scream, broke Cap's shield, killed half of life with just a snap (literally) and then basically re create the universe!

3rd Round Pick: Anti-Venom

Eddie Brock a.k.a. Venom has went toe to toe with Superman! Yeah the Big Blue Boyscout himself and he wasn't just fighting him, he was his caped butt! It took Superman and Spider-Man to defeat him. But I believe he is way cooler with this symbiote he could heal his team mates and strike fear into any opponent!

Thanks for reading :D


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