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It's hard to believe that The Flash is only starting Season 2 this fall - with so much packed into the first 23 episodes, it feels as though this incredible series has been part of live action comic book TV for years!

Season 2 promises to bring us more of our favorite characters, alongside a whole host of new ones, and even a new universe or two. We're looking forward to more crossovers with Arrow and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, and there are hints at some cross-promotional goodness with Supergirl, too, as an entire DC TV-verse continues to build.

On top of all of this, there's one more thing to look forward to in the upcoming season: a brand new suit for Barry Allen.

From new promotional images of the fastest man alive, we can see that there is going to be one major difference between the suits in Seasons 1 and 2: the emblem on his chest.

The new suit!
The new suit!

This still from a network promo video shows that his lightning bolt logo now appears on a white circle, rather than the dark red one we saw throughout the first season. We can also see this same white circle in the first promo poster for the show.

It's a fairly minor change, but something to thrill long-time fans of the comics, as this brings the live-action suit design closer to the original comic book design.

While it definitely looks good, there's still the question of how this change comes about. Thus far, every element of the suit has been pretty well explained by the show: he started wearing it so that he could run without his clothing catching on fire, and his various lightning bolt elements were added as communication devices for the team. In a show that is very happy to include clear comic book references and plenty of silliness, the suit still has a clear purpose, and I doubt that they would let this change go unremarked.

The first Flash suit
The first Flash suit

It may simply be that Cisco decides that the white looks better; as "The Streak" becomes "The Flash," this would definitely be a recognizable symbol for Barry to wear. However, it may also be that there is some pseudo-scientific reason for Barry to switch to a new, white, emblem: Color wavelengths? The ability to communicate from a different universe? The other-universe version of Cisco just didn't have any red material on hand?

The Season One suit
The Season One suit

We'll just have to wait and see!

The Flash returns to the CW October 6th.


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