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Andranik Kulikyan

Have you ever thought that a Mortal Kombat remake could happen?

Well great news for those who loved the original Mortal Kombat movies, which at the time had even a greater influence on movie goers than arguably any Marvel movie today. So many interesting characters being allies or enemies, would come into one movie and blow the audiences minds with epic fights and cheesy dialogues. After so many years it is finally happening and have in mind the kickass graphic effects of today's computers.

On top of all that, front runner for directing the movie is James Wan, director of Furious 7. He simply took a franchise about cars and made it amazing and really entertaining. He had car stunts and action scenes that even though were blown out of proportion but nevertheless were hella fun, very creative and unique. Now he has signed up to direct Warner Bros. Aquaman standalone movie and is a really hot name in Hollywood.

So far he is up for producing the movie but if Wan ends up directing new Mortal Kombat, than be prepared for something really more different and mind blowing.


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