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Andranik Kulikyan

Mark Wahlberg will lead the movie about 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing that killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

Mark Wahlberg has such a wide range of acting capabilities. He has done everything started from comedy, action, drama, huge blockbusters. The most recent movie of his that was released was Ted 2 which is the farthest comedy can get.

Now the movie about Boston Marathon bombing stands on the complete opposite end of movie genres he has been in. He really needs to bring the dramatic side of his acting skills for this one, because it's a true story about a terrorist attack in Boston that shuttered everybody and left a big scar in hearts of people who witnessed it and who were affected by it.

Director of the movie will possibly be Peter Berg, who has already worked with Wahlberg on Line Survivor. For account I should say that all of this directors previous movies were based on true stories, so he has good experience on telling stories about tragic and sensitive matters.

It's a good team up with a very important story at stakes so good luck to them.


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