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In the series Harry Potter, there are countless spells that are used either in defense, for assistance with tasks, or just for fun. I have decided to choose my top 10 favorite spells, describe their use, and rank them in order, from worst to best.

10. Brackium Emendo

This is the spell that can supposedly fix broken bones. Sounds pretty cool, right? Except for the fact that we have not actually seen this spell in action, used correctly that is. In both the movie and book series, we have seen this spell used once: when Gilderoy Lockhart attempts to fix Harry's arm after a Quidditch match gone wrong. He fails, however, causing Harry's arm to hang like a flopping fish.

9. Accio

This is the "Summoning Charm", and is used to summon objects from far distances. It can only be used on smaller objects, and requires intense concentration and thought about the item you are trying to summon. This spell is used throughout the series by characters such as Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley, Molly Weasley, and Harry himself. One example is when Harry summons the Triwizard Tournament cup, which is a secret portkey, so that he can escape from danger in the fourth book. Apparently, however, some items are able to block the spell, and are created that way so that they cannot be stolen. This is the one negative aspect about this spell, besides the fact that you need immense concentration while performing it, and is why I decided that it should be ranked second to last.

8. Confundo

This spell causes the person you are using it on to suddenly become confused, and it is used a few times throughout the series. For example, Hermione uses this spell on a rival Keeper so that Ron can make it onto the Quidditch team. Although basically cheating, the spell manages to do its job, allowing it to rise a little bit in my ranking. I still ranked it pretty low, however, due to the fact that it is not that exciting of a spell and isn't that useful compared to some of the others.

7. Wingardium Leviosa

This spell allows the person it is used on to float. It is used in the famous scene when Dobby levitates a cake down the hallway in the Dursley's house, risking Harry getting into serious troubles with his somewhat dimwitted, evil relatives. It is used when all of the students are learning spells in class as well, as pictured above. It is a really cool spell, but it is barely used which is why I ranked it so low on the list, and it is mostly a spell for beginning witches and wizards, as its level of usefulness is not extremely high.

6. Alohomora

This is the unlocking spell/charm, and it allows you to open or unlatch any sealed passages, windows or doors. It comes in handy to Hermione, Harry, and Ron throughout the series on multiple occasions, as they adventure through many areas that need unlocking. Hermione, for example, uses it to allow them to pass through a forbidden corridor at Hogwarts to gain information for their adventure ahead.

5. Incendio

This is the spell that allows you to start a fire anywhere you are. It was used by multiple characters throughout the series, but it was first introduced by Mr. Weasley. He uses it in order to travel by "floo" powder, which requires a heavy flame. This spell is useful because it can help light things up keep you warm, and can even be used for passage.

4. Orchideous

This spell, although not that important, is very fun and one of my personal favorites. It creates a bouquet of flowers at the end of your wand, similar to how a magician would in a magic show. It is so cool, but it is very rarely used in the series.

3. Lumos

This spell lights up the tip of your wand, creating a sort of torch that can light all passages and dark spaces. It is used countless time and is probably one of the most used spells throughout the series. It is one of my personal favorite spells because it is useful and something that helps the characters throughout the entire series.

2. Expelliarmus

This spell will make whatever is in the opponent's hand, hand fly far away from their reach. It is extremely useful in battle, and can cause the opponent's wand to fly away. This charm was used on so many occasions, and was especially used by Harry during battle. It is a useful and important spell to the series.

1. Expecto Patronum

A defensive spell, that allows a silvery incarnation to appear from your wand, defending you against the darkest of creatures. The incarnation appears in the form of an animal, and the animal that appears is different for each person, depending on their positive emotions. The animal can change, if something is happening in one's life that would affect these emotions. Professor Lupin teaches this spell to Harry in order to help him fight the Dementors, and Harry teaches it to "Dumbledore's Army", when he is protecting and preparing them for battle. This spell is definitely my favorite because the concept behind it is amazing and creative, particularly how positive emotions can defeat the darkest beings. The spell is used throughout the books, showing how useful it was as well.


Which of these Ten Harry Potter spells is your favorite?


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