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If you couldn't tell by the title guys, I didn't like Fantastic Four. I go on what I like to call an Angry Rant Review of this garbage that's called a film. If for some reason you liked this movie, please go have watching other sh*tty movies made by Adam Sandler lately or horror movies that are made exactly like every other one. I slot this into those awful categories.

I can't even stomach doing a full written review of this because I had to cut down probably 30 minutes of my rant to about 5-6 minutes. It was tough guys. This movie was simply tough to watch. I was laughing at it almost as much as I was during Trainwreck. In case you were curious, this was not a comedy!

Here's my full video of an Angry Rant Review:

This movie was DOOMED (Dr. Doom pun intended) from the start because 20th Century Fox obviously has no idea how to make a comic book adaptation of the Fantastic Four. They should seriously just sell the rights to these characters back to Marvel Studios because they are rocking an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Yeah, that bad.

The look of this tremendously young and talented cast had me hopeful but they couldn't save this steaming pile of cow dung. The writers, the producers, the art department, the studio should all be ashamed of themselves. By making this movie so awful they took a giant step back for all superhero movies.

This kinda movie MAY have been trashed less if it were made in 2004 but it's 2015. We've had classic Marvel adaptations like The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: Days of Future Past. As a comic book nerd or just a general audience member, we expect better!

Some people came into this hoping to see four heroes learn to use their powers together to conquer evil. We got about 5 minutes of them scared when they first get their powers SKIP FORWARD A YEAR and they are all pretty much experts at them now. They don't even really have a final battle with the villain. It turned into this painfully awful green-screen squabble.

I'll repeat the true story I told in my video above. I didn't pay to see Fantastic Four. I asked the cashier if I could buy a ticket to any other movie but go see this one and they in fact said "we're not supposed to but we support the cause" and gave me a ticket to Trainwreck. I mentioned that film twice so far in this rant because guys that was actually worth the price of admission.

I could go on for probably 10,000 words discussing all of the horrific creative choices in this film. That's why I had to give it the worst rating I give films which is:

Fantastic Four Rating: "Aw Sh*t, F*ck That!"

I have only given this rating to one other film and that was last year's dreadful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Please don't pay to see this film. Instead GO WATCH THE DEADPOOL TRAILER AND SUPPORT THAT! :)

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