ByJordan Cartwright, writer at

This is The Second installment to The Hobbit Movies and by far the most superiest of the Three . After Bilbo and the company survived the encounters of the first movie they come to the point of the journey were the stakes are risen , as they come closer to the lonely mountain to reclaim Thorins homeland. They encounter the elves and Laketown two sources who wish to stop Thorin in his tracks from becoming King under The Mountain.

The Elves wish to lock Thorin away unless he bring Thrandruil gems of pure white light as of The people of The Lake dont want to wake the Dragon Smaug the destroyer of Dale . This adventure is more intense for more lives are risked than just the companies and what would happen if the dragon did wake from its slumber.

This movie was by far the most loved by fans as well as me it had amazing chemistry , Thorin is more bad ass than ever and Bilbo is more of a gutsy hero who takes risks even more than the company . The CGI is still their and at some points is noticable but i never let that ruin a great fantasy especially one thats in Middle Earth.


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