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Talon Diwisch

I think it's a very cool idea for him to get his own film. I'm not like a giant fan of the character itself, but I do like Harrison Ford a lot. So that's probably why I like the character. I do like the idea however, since he probably went on a whole bunch of awesome adventures in his younger years that we don't know about. But you're right about it being hard to get someone like him. I have a couple things that might help solve this problem though. If you saw the guy who did the radio play at Star Wars Celebration, he did an awesome/terrific job at playing Han Solo, but the problem is, mostly his weight and he doesn't totally look like Han Solo, but he still looks a lot more like him than a lot of other people. About his weight, he is significantly overweight and he would have to lose a lot to play the role. But this guy is awesome at doing his voice and personality. Also, apparently there's some guy on YouTube who's really good and I saw a video and he actually looks and sounds like him as well. I'm not sure if Lucasfilm would just grab some guy from YouTube but you never know. I'm sorry I wasn't more specific. I just don't know either of their names.


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