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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Kristen Stewart has just conducted the coolest interview with NYLON. Since her Twilight days, this young actress has lived in the media spotlight, plagued by paparazzi and constantly fielding questions from journalists and TV hosts.

The most common of these questions at the moment is this one:

'Kristen, when are you coming out?'

Imagine being bugged by paps and journos constantly! Still, Kristen's a smart person and knows how to handle the intrusive system of fame. And now she's tackling that one big question head-on, on her own terms.

Talking to Nylon about her sexuality, Kristen boldly said:

"Google me, I’m not hiding.

I am an actress, man. I live in the fucking ambiguity of this life and I love it. I don’t feel like it would be true for me to be like, ‘I’m coming out!’

No, I do a job. Until I decide that I’m starting a foundation or that I have some perspective or opinion that other people should be receiving…I don’t. I’m just a kid making movies."

Kristen has handled herself very cleverly in this interview, being honest about what a 'Kristen Stewart sexuality' Google search turns up (mostly insanely cute pictures of her and girlfriend Alicia Cargile), but refusing to satisfy media curiosity by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

She also adds:

"I think in three or four years, there are going to be a whole lot more people who don’t think it’s necessary to figure out if you’re gay or straight. It’s like, just do your thing."

It's hard to argue with something like that. Like Kristen says, just do your thing.


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Source: NYLON


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