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Just a little over a month ago, Wesley Snipes was waxing lyrical regarding the possibilities of that daywalking badass Blade returning to the screen, a possibility that he's very interested in pursuing after having a "productive" and "wonderful" meeting with Marvel.

Even more recently, whilst promoting his upcoming NBC series The Player in which he stars as the mysterious Mr. Johnson, Snipes was still upbeat about slipping back into the leather duster and stalking vampires around New York. In an interview with CBR, he said:

Well, we’ve had some discussions. We have had very positive and favorable discussions about the Blade character and other things they have in mind. We’ll see where it goes.
Mr. Snipes
Mr. Snipes

After Marvel regained the rights to Blade a few years ago, rumors began to flock like bats around how the "Daywalker" would make his long awaited return to the screen - would he have a fully fledged entrance into the MCU, would he get his own Netflix series or simply make appearances in other Marvel IP, like say Daredevil?

Well seeing as it's still such early days, who can say! But... you know how much I love a good old speculating session, and the first Blade movie's opening scene!

Return of the Daywalker

What I'd Like To See


If Morbius was to be the big bad in Spider-Man's upcoming feature, he'd be the perfect villain to also introduce Blade, and here's why.

Morbius the Living Vampire
Morbius the Living Vampire

Morbius is actually a scientist named Dr. Michael Morbius who suffered from a rare, debilitating blood disease. Creating some kind of experimental treatment for his condition, involving electric shock therapy and vampire bats, of course, the side effects of the treatment transformed him into Morbius the Living Vampire.

He has all the abilities of a vampire - flight, strength, healing factor and hypnotism, but he also has the thirst for blood, aversion to sunlight and the ability to turn other people into living vampires with his bite.

What if young Spidey starts working after school with Morbius as he makes his "cure," and then has to battle his mentor (again, I know), but due to Spidey being so young and possibly not as powerful as Morbius, he gets his butt handed to him.

Enter Blade, who sensed Morbius' presence and comes to take him down. They do battle, and Morbius ends up snacking on his arm, turning Blade into the "Daywalker".

What do you think? Maybe? Hell no?

Netflix x Marvel


It would be incredible to see Blade pop up in an episode of Daredevil, slicing up vamps on his way through the cameo. But my only fear is Daredevil is so beautifully realistic, having vampires milling about in Hell's Kitchen, as ironic as this will read, doesn't feel as if it would work.

But seeing as Morbius' vampiric abilities were the product of science rather than the supernatural, he could cause an epidemic of sorts that begins turning the inhabitants of N.Y. into vampire like creatures. That could be an interesting way of introducing him and Blade in a Netflix series, and keeping Daredevil, or possibly the Midnight Sons, busy.

What do you guys make of this?

(Source: CBR)


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