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In 1994 one of the most hilarious buddy films of all time was released when we met Harry and Lloyd in Dumb & Dumber. As a kid I absolutely loved Dumb & Dumber, with all the hilarious physical gags (frozen boogers, a blind kid petting a headless parakeet, and tongues frozen to poles), but it wasn't until I rewatched the film a few years ago that I appreciated all of the brilliant references in the movie as well.

It's been over 20 years since Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne set off to return a briefcase full of money to Mary Swanson, but did you know these 8 fascinating facts about the flick?

1. Harry and Lloyd were named after a famous movie star

Harold Lloyd was an actor and comedian, most famous for his silent comedy films. Lloyd made nearly 200 comedy films between 1914 and 1947, and his name was bestowed upon the main characters in Dumb & Dumber as an homage.

2. One of the films most memorable moments was improvised

The classic 'most annoying sound in the world' scene was improved by Jim Carrey on set. In the clip above, you can see Jeff Daniels trying to stifle a laugh, and also Jim Carrey gives a chuckle before launching into the noise, almost giving himself away.

3. The film resulted in a marriage

Unlike their characters in the film, Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly (who played Mary Swanson) fell in love while filming, and were married on September 23, 1996. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted less than a year before the two divorced.

4. Jim Carrey was paid 140 times MORE than Jeff Daniels

That's right! While Carrey was known for his comedic acting, Jeff Daniels had never done a comedy film before. As a result, the studio offered a measly $50,000 pay day. Eager to prove his comedy chops, Daniels accepted the deal, to the studio's surprise. Meanwhile, due to the success of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which was released just months before Dumb & Dumber, Jim Carrey was able to negotiate his pay up to a cool $7 million - almost half of the $16 million budget.

5. There was a great reference to Jeff Daniels' previous work

After Harry and Lloyd scam Seabass into paying for their bill, Lloyd says he learned the trick in a movie. The movie he's referring to is Something Wild, and the character who uses the scam in the film was played by Jeff Daniels.

6. Lloyd's chipped tooth was real

Years prior to filming, Jim Carrey had chipped his tooth and had it capped. For the film he had the cap removed to make his character look more deranged.

7. Carrey broke records with the success of the film

Source: Yahoo
Source: Yahoo

After Dumb & Dumber went to number one at the US box office, Jim Carrey became the first actor to have three films go to number one in a year. The other two films were The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

8. The moon landing newspaper remains framed to this day

In another of the films improvised moments, Lloyd sees a framed newspaper clipping from 1969 proclaiming man had walked on the moon and is in awe, thinking it's recent news. To this day, the framed page remains on the wall in The Historical Stanley Hotel in Estes Park CO where the scene was shot.

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