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Our bloodthirsty prayers may have been answered by a brand new Mortal Kombat movie, but what about all those other video game movie adaptations on every gamers' wish list?

Fighting games are actually pretty ripe for the big screen, since they feature larger than life characters beating each other to a pulp and minimal narrative cohesion, meaning the filmmakers are freed up to provide whatever reason they wish to justify an hour and a half of over the top action. Take the completely outrageous Dead Or Alive movie for example:

Okay, that was essentially masturbation fodder. But, here are 5 fighting game franchises I think could crush the box office, given the chance:

1. Def Jam

One of the most cinematic fighting games ever, Def Jam Vendetta blended bare-knuckle brawling with tasty hip hop beats perfectly. There are not many games I've bopped my head to while crushing another's in a car door, but then again: there are not many games like Def Jam. Now let's see a movie!

2. Super Smash Bros.

Image credit: DylanOfEarth2
Image credit: DylanOfEarth2

Nintendo's star studded brawler would make the perfect transition to the big screen! It's a perfect excuse to have a slew of iconic characters beat the living pixels out of each other, like Wreck It Ralph, but with way more characters. I could easily see Nintendo harnessing their legendary licenses for an Avengers style team-up movie, so what are they waiting for?!

3. Tekken

Okay, so they did already make a Tekken movie back in 2010, but it kinda sucked, so how about taking another stab? Tekken has always had a pretty nonsensical narrative; something I think a movie version needs to embrace. Pay attention Hollywood: you could learn a thing or two from a game that ends with someone being thrown into a goddamn volcano.

4. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

The Uncharted, Bioshock and God of War adaptations have been trapped in development hell for years now, so why not kill three birds with one stone and roll them all into one big mash-up movie?! Think The Lego Movie, but set in the Playstation universe.

5. Street Fighter

Not that I'm suggesting the 1994 movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue was anything less than uh-mazing, but I think a modern take on this classic video game series is long overdue. Rather than a spin-off like The Legend of Chun-Li, I'm talking about a big-budget popcorn fest featuring all the iconic characters we know and love. Like this, but with all the money thrown at it:


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