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You simply can't argue with the fact that Emma Stone is one of the most delightful and talented humans working in the business right now. But, do you know everything there is to know about the actress?

The following fascinating 19 facts will blow you away:

1. Her real name isn't even Emma

Yup, she said it - it's Emily Jean actually. Pretty confusing, I know.

Apparently, when she went to apply for her SAG card, "Emily Stone" was already taken so she changed her first name to "Emma."

2. She was discovered on a reality TV show

She won the role of Laurie Partridge in In Search of The Partridge Family in 2004 but unfortunately the show tanked after one episode. But thankfully, the clip (solid gold!) has stuck around:

3. Social media is just not her thing

Emma, I can relate. Harvesting those crops and raising that livestock can get pretty addictive!

4. Her natural hair color is blonde!

In fact, it was Judd Apatow that made her ditch her golden locks for a redder shade in prep for her role in Superbad. She says:

“I was a brunette during casting. Then Judd walked in, said 'Make it red,’ and walked out. So he made me this way.”

5. Emma once dressed up as Princess Leia

All for a good cause, of course. Like curing cancer.

6. She's broken both arms

When she was 7 years old, she broke both of her teeny tiny arms when she was on the parallel bars in gymnastics. Ouch!

7. She had her first asthma attack whilst filming a sex scene

During the filming of a fake sex scene in Easy A, she had an asthma attack. Which is weird because she never thought she even had asthma until then! She explained:

"I had a little asthma attack, without any prior knowledge that I had asthma, during the scene where we had to jump up and down for hours and hours screaming and yelling on the bed. [It] was humiliating, because it was the second day of shooting."

Damn! Poor Emma! The scene turned out pretty hilarious though - good job!

8. Emma's been a dog

She once played an Australian shepherd in the movie version of comic strip Marmaduke.

9. Jonah Hill is one of her favorite people "in the entire world"

And that's a quote!

The two starred in Superbad together and have been close friends ever since.

10. The secret behind her low-pitched voice

No, it's not because she loves to puff away on those cigarettes! It's because she had colic as a baby. She says:

"My mom dealt with a screaming baby 24 hours a day for the first six months of my life – I screamed myself hoarse every day and developed nodules as an infant [...] So I have calluses on my vocal cords, which makes me lose my voice all the time and makes doing something like screaming in a scene, over and over, really rough, because then I lose my voice for, like, a week."

11. She's a Spice Girls fan

She cried legitimate tears of joy when Scary Spice left her a message.

She's just like one of us!

12. She is pretty good at convincing people!

She even persuaded her parents to let her drop out of school and move to Hollywood to become an actress. But it wasn't an easy task and she had to whip out her stellar PowerPoint presentation skills to do it, making a slideshow called 'Project Hollywood.' Naturally Madonna's 'Hollywood' was playing in the background, too.

I mean, how can anyone say 'no' to that?

13. Emma taught Woody Allen how to text on his iPhone

Yep, of course she did! Because she's AWESOME!

14. Emma refuses to make a bucket list

This is because she's terrified she'll die before she completes it all. Sad but fair.

15. She's of Swedish descent

Her paternal grandfather emigrated to the U.S. through Ellis Island, slightly altering the family's last named to it's more anglicized version "Stone."

16. She dated Macaulay Culkin's brother

Emma was with Kieran for about a year. Weird, huh?

17. Taylor Swift & Emma are good pals

They met at the Young Hollywood Awards for Hollywood Life magazine:

"We met there three years ago, and then I listened to some of her music, and I wrote her an e-mail saying I liked her music, I swear. And then we started talking and hanging out."

Maybe if I wrote Taylor an email and said I loved her jamz, she'd hang out with me too?

18. She knows sign-language

When she was younger, she had a deaf tutor. Today, she's so grateful for the opportunity to learn the language, saying:

"It's an incredible language, especially as an actor, drawing on body language and facial expressions to convey things without speaking."

19. Emma & her mom have matching tattoos

Both are HUGE Beatles fans and her mama's fave song was always 'Blackbird.' Now, because Emma is super chill and can do stuff like that, she actually sent Paul McCartney a letter, asking him to draw little bird feet her mother and her could get it tattooed on their wrists.

And of course, he couldn't say no and sent them a sketch and now they have adorable matching tattoos!

We love you Emma - you're so intelligent, beautiful, talented and most, importantly... FUNNY!

Check out this cool vid to top up your fill of her infectious quirkiness:



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