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(Warning - mild SPOILERS for a handful of Ms. Marvel comic book plot lines lie below. Proceed with whatever level of caution that seems to suggest to you...)

Now, with the one-time Ms. Marvel - and now Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers heading to the big screen in 2018 in her very own solo movie, with a Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance or two distinctly possible in the meantime, it's not too surprising that we've heard very little about the chances of her successor making her way to the screen as well.

After all, though Kamala Khan - Marvel's new (and blisteringly popular) Ms. Marvel - has recently proven a critical and commercial success, she's still comparatively unproven in the long-term. With relatively limited name recognition, and a small back catalog of stories to draw from, then, Kamala's lack of imminent cinematic adaptation makes a surprising (if disappointing) amount of sense.

Could That All Be About to Change, Though?

Well, sadly, there's been relatively little movement from Marvel Studios itself in that direction - though Kevin Feige has been hinting that there are more female hero lead projects on the horizon - but that hasn't stopped a one-time Marvel director from very much throwing their hat into the ring.


Punisher: Warzone Director Lexi Alexander REALLY Wants to Make a Ms. Marvel Movie

So much so, in fact, that she recently revealed on Twitter that:

Now, in fairness, Marvel Studios notoriously pays its directors so little anyway that the foregoing of a director's fee isn't quite as big a deal as it would be for, say, Robert Downey Jr., but the point is still an extremely effective one.

The only slightly odd part of Alexander's revelation?

On the Surface, She'd Be an Odd Fit for Kamala Khan

After all, Alexander's most famous movie outing thus far?

Why, that'd be the wildly commercially unsuccessful (though cult-favorite) Punisher: Warzone, one of the most bloodily violent superhero movies yet committed to celluloid.

While Ms. Marvel, on the other hand, is a joyfully optimistic teenage girl from New Jersey, whose adventures have tended to focus more on Spider-Man like teen angst and secret identity related mishaps than brutal face punching.

That being said, though, there are three things that could actually make Alexander a fascinating choice to tackle Kamala Khan.

1. She's an outspoken opponent of sexism within the movie industry, meaning that hiring her would likely go a long way to re-establishing Marvel Studios' flagging feminist credentials.

2. She's Oscar-nominated (for her 2002 short Johnny Flynton), yet currently at a point in her career where she'd likely work harder than any other director around if given a shot at directing another superhero movie.

And, crucially:

3. Kamala's not actually as mild mannered and personality-less as the above description makes her sound, anyway. In fact, she's something of a spectacular badass:

The big question, though? Will Kamala actually be heading to the big screen anytime soon - or do we have more of a chance of seeing her head to TV in the near future, with someone like Alexander showrunning?

What do you think?



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