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One of HBO's slightly more under-the-radar-but-still-groundbreaking TV series was Deadwood. It was a western TV series that many thought at first was a risk by HBO, but it ended up developing a loyal and engaged fan base. Set in the late 1800s in South Dakota, it was a unique show with some really great characters.

There are now rumors swirling, thanks to Garret Dillahunt who played Francis Wolcott on the show from 2004-2006 and who Tweeted out the following (below) about a potential HBO Deadwood movie! A representative from HBO also confirmed that “preliminary talks” have begun about turning the David Milch western series into a (small screen) movie.

He also followed up with this Tweet to HBO, in case those prayers don't get answered... I feel like Garret is trying to harness the power of social media - and it might pay off. He came with the guilt-trip, and brings up the Entourage movie as a precedent for something like this.

It sounds like this is probably going to happen. Yessss!



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