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Dropping a bombshell in the middle of Penny and Leonard's potential honeymoon, Leonard's 'other' woman has been cast and will make an appearance in Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory!

Remember when he broke the news of his infidelity to Penny at the end of Season 8, while they were en route to Vegas?

Well, we can confirm that Melissa Tang, best known for her appearances in Mom (as 'Suzanne Taylor'), New Girl and How I Met Your Mother, will enter the upcoming series in Episode 2, as Mandy, the girl Leonard kissed while on his North Sea expedition.

The ninth season will pick up a few hours after the finale of Season 8. But did Leonard's last-minute confession throw a spanner in the works? Will they get married anyway? Will they take some time to work things out? Or will Mandy's arrival cause irreparable damage?

Theories at the ready! CBS' The Big Bang Theory will premiere in just over one month's time, on September 21.

(Source: Comic Book)


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