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With every James Bond film comes a fitting theme song, some more memorable then others. This year no one knows who is going to do it but there have been a few musicians that have caused a lot of buzz, some more unlikely than others.


One of the biggest and best British rock bands that are still going, it would be great to see them step up to the plate and tackle the Spectre theme. If past Bond themes have taught us anything it is that the rock ones tend to be the best ones, for example there's Paul McCartney's 'Live and Let Die' and Chris Cornell's 'You Know My Name'. Radiohead would put their own experimental twist on it making the song unlike any we would have heard before.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding would be a fitting choice for the job. She has a somewhat respectable back catalogue and is capable of making a catchy song for a film soundtrack (even if it was Fifty Shades of Grey). The only problem with choosing Ellie would be that her voice isn't as powerful as people who have done it in the past like Adele or Shirley Bassey.

Sam Smith

The Grammy winning singer would be good choice as would deliver a song along the lines of Adele's 'Skyfall'. He has the right voice and his songs tend to be dramatic. He would be able to add some extra emotion to the track which would definitely give it some umph.


Chris Martin and Co. don't seem like the kind of people who would jump on the James Bond bandwagon but the odds for them doing that are fairly impressive. If they were to go back to their original sound rather than the pop route that they have gone down recently, then I don't see why Coldplay wouldn't be able to handle the Spectre theme.

Lana Del Rey

This American "rockstar" would be a really good choice. She is known for having a quiet and haunting voice which goes well with her slow songs. If she got it we would be hearing soul driven track that would pay homage to some of the early themes.

Noel Gallagher

This British music icon has the right attitude for a James Bond theme. His song style and persona match that of Chris Cornell who did the theme for Casino Royale. He would bring a hard, rock sound that might reflect the style and tone of the upcoming film.


Like Lana, her songs are atmospheric and brooding. She would give a new approach to the Bond theme, almost updating it in a way. She has a strong enough voice for the job and has the ability to make a complex yet catchy song.

These are just a few of many musicians that have been tipped for the Spectre theme tune. Some are better choices than others, but whoever gets it will probably do a good job anyway. Comment below on who you would love to see tackle the Bond theme.


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