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Writing about Surf Ninjas is bringing up all these feelings of nostalgia. Who could forget those young surfer dudes from southern California, Johnny and Adam? This action packed film had a wild storyline, but this only added to the awesome adventures. It got even more fun when things started rolling and the boys discovered that they were actually heirs to the crown of Patu San. Then, just like lightning the boys suddenly gained Kung Fu skills and psychic powers! Have you ever wondered what happened to the ninja kids and adults from this epic film? It's time to go back down memory lane!

Ernie Reyes, Jr. a.k.a. Johnny

Where has he been since? Right before Surf Ninjas, Ernie starred in another badass film back in 1991, the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. Since Surf Ninjas, he has really kept his film career rolling. You may recognize him from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Ernie even made a surprising cameo in Charmed as the character Kaz. This actor is never far from Kung Fu fighting, and you may recognize him from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as the Cemetery Warrior. For those fans of NCIS: Los Angeles he plays Jemadar Thapa.

Fun Fact: Ernie was the stunt double for Tweedledee in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Nicolas Cowan a.k.a. Adam

Where has he been since? You may recognize Nicolas from the TV Series In the Heat of the Night as the character Eric DeLong. He played Felipe in Alligator II: The Mutation.

Where is he now? Although he may have left acting, Nic stays busy designing and illustrating in Los Angeles! Check out this awesome art work that he has been working on!

Check out the reunited brothers back in 2011

And let's not forget this fun little sing-along moment

Rob Schneider a.k.a. Iggy

Where has he been since? Well, pretty much everywhere! From directing, to acting to screen writing and being a comedian too, Rob is always keeping busy! He has made regular appearances on Saturday Night Live. Some of the other shows he has appeared in include Men Behaving Badly, Rob and Real Rob. He gave the English voice to Lou Strickland in Top Cat: The Movie. Rob even produced Muppets from Space.

Fun Fact: Rob sweetly established the Rob Schneider Music Foundation. This foundation brought music education to Pacifica's elementary schools. It provided funds for instruments along with other equipment and even paid the teachers' salaries.

Jonathan Schmock a.k.a. School Cop

Where has he been since? Just like Rob, he has stayed super busy. He is an actor, writer and a producer! He surprisingly worked as a creator/writer on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch for 163 episodes! He appeared as Jonathan in The Big Bang Theory in 2012. Jonathan has mostly been acting in TV series' and the latest one you may recognize him from is in his role as Fred Kington on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Fun Fact: Jonathan is a talented painter and photographer. His works have been exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). He creates some pretty thought provoking art!

Keone Young a.k.a. Baba Ram

Where has he been since? Keone is a total machine and has 213 credits to his name over on his IMDB page! He was the voice of Wu Yong in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. This actor appeared in Sons of Anarchy as the character Bohai Lin. For those fans of True Blood, he played the character of Hido Takahashi. He even made an appearance in that hilarious film Dude, Where's My Car? as Mr. Lee, The Chinese Tailor. He has pretty much been in too many films to list, but I am sure you will have seen him around!

Fun Fact: Keone voiced Lord Chin in Mulan II.

In other news, Ernie a.k.a. Johnny from the movie is pretty sick right now and waiting for a kidney transplant. His family is looking for support from friends and fans during this difficult time. They have set up a GofundMe page, so click the link if you would like to help!


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