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It's the last thing you do before the masked being murders you with his gleaming, sharp knife.

Wes Craven first brought the terrifying black and white soulless figure to screens in 1996, featuring such famous stars as Drew Barrymore, Courteney Cox, Rose McGowan, David Arquette, Matthew Lilard, and the likes.

Scream has turned into it's own fully fledged franchise, as it is now a television series showing on MTV. Even younger generations who might not be familiar with the original film will recognize that iconic mask in an instant.

Below is a list of facts you may not know about the truly terrifying franchise. If you find the phone ringing halfway through this article, do not pick up!

1. The Mask Almost Didn't Happen

Bob Weinstein watched the rough cuts of Scream and though the mask was "idiotic." He asked for scenes with several different types of masks to be filmed so he could choose another one, but the other producers disagreed and productions was almost halted due to the discord.

It wasn't until he saw Drew Barrymore's scene that he finally realized the ghostface mask was incredibly frightening.

2. The Title Was Going to Be Different

Scream was almost going to be named Scary Movie, which, ironically, became the name of the spoof film franchise.

3. The Mask is Based Off of a Famous Painting

Do you recognize this one?

If you guessed Edvard Munch's brilliant masterpiece called The Scream, you've guessed correctly. Do you see the resemblance now?

4. It's Connected to Other Horror Films

Scream contains some references to other horror franchises, such as Psycho and Halloween.

For example, the boyfriend in Psycho is named Samuel Loomis, as is the doctor in Halloween. In Scream, the killer's name is billy Loomis. There must be something funny going on with that Loomis family...

5. Ghostface is Based on a Real Life Killer

If you've heard of the Gainesville Ripper of Florida, you would know how he raped and brutally murdered a group of students in the city of Gainesville. Ghostface is attributed to this horrific serial killer.

6. Molly Ringwald Could Have Been Sidney Prescott?

That's right! She turned it down, however, as she didn't want to play a high school student at the age of 27.

7. When Courteney met David

Courteney Cox and David Arquette met on set while filming this horror film, and got married. They divorced in 2013, but perhaps there is something incredibly romantic about an evil serial killer on the loose.

8. "I Survived Scene 118"

The last scene of the entire film comprises of a party scene which runs for 42 minutes. In real life, it took the cast and crew 21 days to film the entire bit. The crew even made shirts that said "I survived scene 118" when all was said and done.

9. Sad Drew Barrymore

To keep Drew Barrymore consistently crying while filming, Wes Craven continually told her animal cruelty stories. Barrymore is a huge animal love, and found that it helped keep her looking scared and distressed.

There you have it! Lock your doors, check your caller I.D. before you answer the phone, and be sure to sleep with a knife under your pillow. You never know when the dreaded Ghostface is out and about, ready to attack.

And if you want to keep the creepiness brewing, make sure to check out MTV's series called Scream Tuesdays at 10/9 C.

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