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The Kid is a Disney film meant to remind us not to lose sight of that childlike wonder, and to refrain from becoming a cynical and jaded asshole adult.

Russ Duritz might be wealthy, but he is emotionless, has not personal connections to other humans, and most importantly doesn't even own a dog. One night, he meets a kid named Rusty that comes off as oddly familiar. He realizes that the 8-year-old him has come to the future to help him remember his past and bring some childlike happiness to his life.

As science might remind us, children grow up into adults. So goes the same for Spencer Breslin who played little Rusty Duritz, who is no longer a little kid, but is now a 23-year-old young man.

This cutie went from this:

To this!

You might recognize that last name. Yes, he is, indeed, the older brother to actress Abigail Breslin of Little Miss Sunshine, Ender's Game, My Sister's Keeper, and so much more.

Spencer is still in the acting game with appearances in recent films like Stuck in Love, Deadly Sisters, and Some Kind of Hate. However, he releases his own indie folk music, while also jamming with his band Broken Machine. Check out the music video for his song "Rejection."

He is also incredibly active on Twitter, tweeting such gold as this:

That's right, people! Breslin is still buddies with old time fellow Disney pal Jake Thomas of Lizzie McGuire. How freakin' adorable!

It's wonderful to see child stars continue with their talents in the art and not fall into a downward spiral of drugs and depression a majority of them go through. Keep up the hard work Spencer!


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