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There is always that debate on whether the paranormal exists or not. Is it just our imaginations or something more? When we are scared, our senses often heighten. Especially if it is dark and our eyes start taking part in the fear game too; was that a shadow or is something there?

There are so many bizarre stories out there, and these stories make it pretty hard to just ignore the possibility that there could be invisible spirits all around us, sharing our world. Sometimes these spirits mold themselves into a curse, which is usually a word I associate with meddling Disney villains. These unseen curses have seeped their way onto the sets of horror movies and shockingly caused a path of real destruction. Some examples are unexplained deaths, coincidental deaths, and so much more. Just because the cameras stop rolling does not mean that the horrifying events which follow will. If you do not believe in curses yet, well, you may just change your mind after reading these nightmare-inducing stories.

See if you can make it through this list of tales without wishing you had never watched these horror movies.

5. Poltergeist (1982, 1986, 1988)

The movie itself may be freakin' scary and shoot up goosebumps all over you while you sit through it, but this is nothing compared to the real life stories which haunt this film. The film set included real life skeletons who supposedly brought a curse a long with them. A few months before the third movie was released, child actor Heather O'Rourke (Carol) was believed to have flu but this turned into a cardiac arrest and she sadly died from septic shock at the Children's Hospital in San Diego. Then Dominique Dunne (Dana) was strangled to death by a former boyfriend, but this was not the end of the string of deaths in a short amount of time.

Other cast members who died since filming are Julian Beck (Henry), who died of cancer in 1985, not long after the first film and right before the second. Beck was followed by Will Sampson (Taylor), who died before the last film was released during complications in surgery. Zelda Rubinstein (Tangina) has also died since filming! And then on top of all the actors who died, shockingly, the director Brian Gibson who helmed Poltergeist II died of Ewing's sarcoma at just 59 years old. This cancer is usually associated with children, so it really seems bizarre that this was the cause of death.

In an even more spine tingling addition to the curse, actress JoBeth Williams revealed the scariest thing that happened to her during shooting:

"Because we were supposed to be scared so much, I think everybody's nerves were hypersensitive. I didn't live in LA then, so I was in a rented apartment, and I began to notice that every night when I would come home from shooting, exhausted, fried, the pictures on the walls would be crooked. And I would straighten them. And the next day, I would come in, and the pictures would be crooked again. So that always made me feel a little nervous about the place I was staying."

4. The Amityville Horror

The remake of Amityville Horror is a total jump-fest! It comes with that famous tag proudly placed along side it 'based on a true story.' Just because it was a remake it did not mean that it would escape being cursed. Very strangely, four weeks before the film's premiere the body of a dead fisherman mysteriously washed up on the shore of the set. Ryan Reynolds also revealed that he strangely and inexplicably kept waking up at 3.15 am, just like his character did in the movie. The films publicist explained:

"When we were putting together the press tour for ’Amityville,’ Ryan Reynolds and the other stars kept bringing up everything from the real-life deaths that surrounded the shoot to the fact that Ryan kept waking up in the middle of the night at the same time that his character did."

And if that was not already strange enough, the man that Ryan's character is based on, called George Lutz, suddenly died in 2006 at 59 years old!

3. The Wizard of Oz

Yep, even the set of the colorful land of Oz was supposedly totally cursed. The filming of The Wizard of Oz created a series of bizarre and unfortunate events. You may think that there was only ever one Tin Man. The original Tin Man cast was actually Buddy Ebsen. Shockingly, he was almost killed by his makeup. He suddenly suffered from shortness of breath which eventually lead to him being hospitalized. Doctors determined that he was suffering an allergic reaction from the aluminum dust used in the makeup. He was eventually replaced by Jack Haley for the film. Until he left this world he suffered from lung problems from getting involved with "that damned movie."

The Wicked Witch may have been powerful, but that did not stop the actress suddenly catching on fire during filming, after which she refused to perform any other scenes near fire. And then on top of everything else, little Toto broke her paw during filming!

2. The Conjuring

This macabre tale was based on the true story of the Perron family, who experienced unexplained and horrifying ghostly activity in their home in Rhode Island in the ’70s. The family (all except Carolyn Perron, the mom) braved reliving their nightmare and visited the set. Mysteriously, as soon as the family set foot near the set, a gust of wind began to swirl around them. Strangely, the crew noticed that the trees remained still. Even though Carolyn stayed at home, she felt uneasy - like there was an eerie presence in her house. Not long after, she fell and was rushed to the hospital.

Bizarrely, a mere few days later, the hotel the actors and movie crew were staying in suddenly caught fire. On top of this bizarre series of events, the director of the film, Wan, did not feel alone either. When he was working late one evening his dog began to growl ferociously. Wan tried to find out what could possibly be causing his dog to freak out, but the dog was growling at an unseen entity.

1. The Omen

Picture this it is the dead of night; it is pitch dark and a man and woman are traveling along an empty road together. The only lights that shine are their headlights. The people in the car are John Richardson who was a special effects consultant on the supernatural film The Omen and next to him is Liz Moore, one of the designers on The Omen. They crash and Liz apparently ended up sliced in half from the impact when the wheel came through the chassis and into the passenger seat. John survived this tragic scene. He was the mastermind behind the special effects in the the parade of deaths which made the movie so iconic. In fact, the real-life car crash was eerily similar to one which occurred in the film, where a photographer (played by David Warner) is decapitated. Stranger still, a road sign was close, marking the distance to a Dutch town called Ommen which was 66.6 km away. But, the horror does not end here!

In June 1975, barely two months before filming was about to begin, tragically Gregory Peck's son committed suicide. As the heartbroken actor flew to begin filming, the plane was struck by lightning right over the Atlantic. Later on in the year, Gregory Peck cancelled a flight which crashed on its way to Israel, killing everyone on board. These events would seem rare by themselves, but a few weeks later the executive producer, Mace Neufeld, was flying and his plane was struck by lightning too. "It was the roughest five minutes I've ever had on an airline." It seems like this movie was cursed before it had even begun!

There are countless events which surround this film that are completely bizarre. The stuntman, Terry Walsh, was standing in for the character Robert Thorn. As he was filming the graveyard scene, the rottweilers went out of control and began to viciously attack the stuntman and he was injured through his protective clothing. Was this just dogs out of control, or were the dogs possessed?

There was even more to come. The hotel in which Neufeld was staying at was bombed during filming by the Irish Republican Army. But the curse was not about to stop yet! There was a stuntman on set called Alf Joint, by this time he had moved on to working on A Bridge Too Far and was mysteriously injured when a stunt when wrong. In hospital he claimed that he felt like he was pushed by an unseen force, which could explain why he fell so suddenly and awkwardly. The stories mainly stem from a documentary that Channel 4 did on The Curse of The Omen. The producer of the show Alan Tyler explained:

"The crew that we spoke to had a sense that everyone involved in the production was freaked out to some extent. They all felt that something wasn't quite right and that included the cast. These were seasoned professionals - they had seen a lot of productions and doubtless a lot of production accidents. Yet they themselves pick this film, more than any other, as having something extraordinary about it."

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