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No Man's Sky is probably lightyears away from a release date, but we've all been obsessed with what Hello Games has had on display for the last few years. There are so many different games that have been inspired by these developers already and we're constantly on the lookout for similar adventures. But one kickstarter campaign in particular really grabbed my attention.

EVERSPACE, which is currently in development by ROCKFISH Games (these guys love caps lock), is something that everyone who likes the look of No Man's Sky needs to check out. At the moment it has 28 days left on its campaign, with their target set for $225,000. As of the time I'm writing this they've currently raised over $134,000 - people like what they've seen so far. AND CAN YOU BLAME THEM? CAPS LOCK TIME!

If You Like No Man's Sky, Then You'll LOVE EVERSPACE

Everspace looks like the perfect blend between the combat style of Elite Dangerous and the animation of No Man's Sky. The gameplay is also a mix of the two, as Everspace doesn't aim to be a space sim with hyper-realistic space physics. The developers want to offer players a game where anyone can freely jump in and out of intense and enjoyable space battles.

There are fantastic and vast space sims out there featuring super realistic space physics and billions of stars to travel to. But we believe that combining easy-to-pick-up gameplay with AAA-quality graphics and sound with a captivating, non-linear story is something that many of you have still been waiting for. We have been for sure.

Would You Fund A Kickstarter Campaign Like This?

The demo for this game is stunningly beautiful, and if you're interested in checking out the kickstarter page for Everspace, click on this link here. You can also check out an awesome imgur gallery for the game over here. The game is slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2016, that is if it makes all of its funds within the next 28 days. But judging by the game's success, the amount of backers they've had so far and the fact that it really does look amazing, I can't see Everspace running into any issues.

One aspect of No Man's Sky that we're not sure of is whether Sony will launch the game along with Project Morpheus. No Man's Sky seems perfect for VR and Everspace understood the potential for this also. It'll have VR support from the get-go and flying through space in one of these ships would be amazing with the HTC Vive. But what do you think of Everspace? Let us know where you stand in the comments below, and hold strong for that [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) release date.


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