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Francois D'Amours

TEAM NAME : W.A.S.P. : Weapons And Super Powers

You're welcome.

TEAM LEADER : Commander Shepard

If a threat arise and the world/galaxy/universe is in danger you can count on Commander Shepard and his team to save the day. Second to none when it comes to leadership and tactics, Shepard can make full use of whatever his team has to offer. On multiple desperate occasions he proved is willingness to lay his life for the greater good. Always finding a way to succeed, bringing others to be the best they can be and inspiring unquestionable loyalty from his team mates makes Commander Shepard the best choice for team leader.

1st pick : Yoda

This grand master of the light side of the Force is my first pick. I would have made him team leader but I also like to see him as some kind of adviser to Commander Shepard. Imagine what could be accomplished with 900 years of jedi experience by your side! This unmatched user of the Force/swordsman (lighsaberman!?!)/tactician/master of the "walking with a cane like a granny" style is my first pick and I'm proud of it. Yoda I like ; kick-ass he will!

2nd pick : Neo

Neo comes in at second pick. The Matrix version that is, where everything is possible. Neo sees reality as something he can bend to his will, making him an obvious and an invaluable choice for this team. The spoon does not exist.

3rd pick : Wonder Woman

In my book, Wonder Woman could also have made it to team leader. But here I felt like I needed some kind of powerhouse/bruiser/tank in my team. So instead of giving this role to the obvious Hulk, Superman and the likes of them I said to myself "Why not add a bit of class and feminity to team while we're at it?". So here comes Wonder Woman. Her brains, tactics and incredible strength makes her the best candidate to complete this awesome quatuor.


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