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It has been a year since the world said a teary eyed goodbye to the creative genius, Robin Williams. The man had a movie for almost every stage of my life whether I was a wimpy kid, a pain in the ass teen, or now as a I'm-too-old-for-this-shit grown up.

His roles were so spread out across different realms of fiction that if you brought all of his characters together in one place, it would be one hell of a party! And if the world is coming to an end by some unseen, unknown force, I want Robin Williams to be the man on my side as we laugh in the face of danger.

Umm... yes, thank you for that Robin...

Anyways, so here we go...

Team Captain: The Leader

John Keating (Dead Poets Society)

He's an obvious choice, isn't he?

A teacher who inspires people to think for themselves, to follow their hearts and occasionally stand on desks. No better man can hold the title of team captain. A true leader who is unafraid of consequences, rallying people together for the right cause. With John Keating as captain, my team will bravely face any evil and stick together even in the most darkest moments. Oh and he does some poetry too!

He is the Chosen One...

Thank you Hermoine! Stupid Potter always whining...

1st Round Pick: The Muscle

Popeye The Sailor man

Take a look at those forearms! Hairy, ain't they?

Popeye needs no introduction... after all, he's the reason American kids in the 1930s ate more Spinach.

This strong, righteous and happy-go-lucky sailor is the muscle of the team. He is loyal no matter what, loving and sentimental of those close to him, and will protect good people against anyone who tries to hurt them.

Give him a boost of spinach and watch him wind those arms back for tornado twirling punches. Whether you're a bearded tubby man called Bluto or an evil Sea Hag, you better run for cover because "he's strong to the finish, 'cause he eats his spinach..."

He may be an oldie but he can still rock to the beat.

2nd Round Pick: The Brains

Prof. Philip Brainard (Flubber)

Meet the brains of the team, Professor Brainard. He's got floating robots and green wobbly, bubbly jello like things. With the Professor on our side, we'll be prepared to match wits with any evil genius out there. We'll have an army of flying robots out there doing battle against the forces of evil in no time.

Umm... Okay, but next time maybe something with arms and legs, Professor? And maybe something a little more... scary.

No, that's not what I meant... that's just gross!

Okay, there are some differences of opinion to sort out later.

The point is we've got the best brains in this team.

3rd Round Pick: The Magic

Genie (Aladdin)

From the deep dark Cave of Wonders all the way from Agrabah...

He's cool, he's blue...

He's got a goatee and a ponytail too...

Put your hands together for... Genie!!!

Genie is the x-factor of the team, the wild card in a deck. If muscle and brains fail, we've got magic to save the day. No mere earthly rules apply to him. He appears and disappears at will. He can grow bigger than a dinosaur and shrinks smaller than a fly. He's as loyal as they come and a friend among friends. Nobody can resist his lovable charms.

Gimme Me An 'R'!

Gimme Me An 'O'!

Gimme Me A 'Bin'!

And stuff them in... Goooo Robin!!

To conclude... We've got our fearless leader, we've got the muscle, we've got the brains and we've got magic. Ready or not evil doers... The Robin Warriors are here!


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