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The dream team!

Here is my dream team of superhero's. As my might be able to tell I'm a huge fan of marvel in particular.

Team Captain: Captain America

The godfather of marvel hero's, the first avenger himself has to be on any good dream team. Also what better possession for this natural leader then Captain, I mean come on, it's in his flipping name!

1st Pick: Deadpool

The merc with the mouth himself, deadpool, can be on my dream team anyday. Every team needs a bit of fun and energy! That's why deadpool is my 1st Pick!

2nd Pick: Moonknight

Moonknight is a very strange hero. He truly is something else with his multiple personalities. Having him on a team will bring a sense of uncertainty and keeps things fresh. Plus Moonknight is just an all round badass!

3rd Pick: Agent Coulson

For my 3rd and final I pick, I choose Agent Coulson himself. Just like the Avengers, every team needs something to bring them together and keep them together. Sure cap is a great leader and can encourage everyone. Deadpool can make everyone laugh! Or Moonknight has atleast one personality that you actually like. But Coulson he really brings things together, the "glue of the team".

Well that's my dream team, what do think of it? Leave a comment below!


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