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Over here at K&K Productions we are huge Dragon Ball Z fans. After the insult to DBZ that was DragonBall Evolution, we went on to create a fan made trailer for what a live action adaptation of the Saiyan Saga could look like. With almost 10 million views online, we feel we have proved the demand for live action DBZ.

The trailer was made on a tiny budget, which presented problems in terms of VFX, costume etc. Now three years later we are finally ready to move forward with a full web series, which will start with a 22 minute pilot episode and vastly improve on what has come before.

Check out the video update below, which will highlight some of the things we will be doing to make this the greatest live action DBZ that the fans have ever seen!

As you can see in the video, we have made vast improvements on every level in the last three years and we aim to use all those elements to create something truly spectacular. The series itself will feature ALL your favorite characters!

We will be shooting in glorious 4k!
We will be shooting in glorious 4k!

We have already shot a sample scene so that we can show you guys the kind of quality we will be hitting in the web series pilot. It will be released in the next few months and we made a huge effort to make sure that everything is at highest quality, including costume, equipment, locations and of course Goku himself.

Scouting the best locations the UK has to offer
Scouting the best locations the UK has to offer

We will be releasing lots of images and updates on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter over the next month or so. We will post a full video update with all the details on the web series once the sample scene has been released.

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can keep yourself fully updated. We can't wait to show you guys more!


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