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Superhero movies have an abundance of source material to work with. A single comic strip can work as a perfect story board with precise details about a frame. With a compelling story and premise, a comic book can literally be transformed into a movie. Directors like Robert Rodriguez and Zack Snyder have utilized this possibility to make their adaptations of Sin City and Watchmen. This process never stopped at frames, but further used comics to create plot points. Throughout comic book adaptations, many of those shocking plot twists have made it to the films, and here I’m listing four of them. These moments were pretty much devastating for both the characters and readers and even if it wasn’t featured in the exact manner in movies, the end results were the same: they shocked viewers/readers with some unexpected revelations. Oh, and brace yourself, spoilers are coming!

4. Bullseye! (Daredevil)

Ben Affleck’s Daredevil is a film that we'd all love to forget for its blunders. Even Affleck would love to forget it. Although the directorial cut provides a better version of the story, Daredevil is considered one of the more disastrous superhero movies ever made. The iconic character now got redemption, thanks to Netflix’s series. That said, the film did excel in respecting its source material. Bringing fan favorite characters to life, including Bullseye and Elektra, Daredevil also featured some of the shocking moments in comic book history. One of them was the death of Elektra by Bullseye. It was featured in Daredevil #181 double sized features. Not after long, the imminent resurrection of Elektra took place in issue #190.

3. Do It! (Watchmen)

Fresh from the success of 300, Snyder tackled another comic book adaptation: Alan Moore’s classic 'Watchmen' series. Plagued with production difficulties and rewrites, Watchmen was a challenge to Snyder and despite popular opinion, I enjoyed the movie very much. The characters were real and the frames were strikingly sincere to the comics. Definitely the most interesting character of the series, Rorschach was portrayed by Jackie Earle Haley brilliantly and his death in the climax was a shock for me. Later I learned that Snyder was following the comic roots with dedication. Rorschach's death was portrayed in a similar fashion in the comics, and it is as shocking as it was in the film.

2. Death of Gwen (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

One of the major factors of Marc Webb’s success in rebooting Spider-Man was Emma Stone’s portrayal of Gwen Stacey. Her acting talents and onscreen chemistry with co-star Andrew Garfield were a delightful combination. Still, we all knew her demise was imminent due to the fact that the series has to introduce Mary Jane as Spidey’s pair. As a consolation, the death of Gwen Stacey was also featured in the comic book in a similar fashion. What went wrong with the decision in movies was the popularity of Emma Stone. Having a major part on screen, her character earned a significant status. Looks like killing her off ended up killing the whole series, as Sony subsequently decided to share the rights to the character with Marvel Studios.

1. I will break you! (The Dark Knight Rises)

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy is hailed as an elegant example of comic book movie adaptation. Even with a real life setting and handling of raw emotions, the trilogy successfully adapted its comic book roots with characters and events pulled straight from the comics. Speaking of events, none can forget the fist pumping fight between Batman and Bane at his underground facility. With some ferocious blows, Bane breaks the bat, and it is considered one of the most iconic sequences in comic book movie history. The same visual, without much change, was also featured in comics, specifically in 1993’s Knightfall.


Which one shocked you the most?


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