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With both the Suicide Squad and [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailers out, rumours are flying about how the two movies might connect. And thanks to one hint in the Batman vs Superman trailer, we might see a Suicide Squad cameo in the Dawn of Justice film!

We learned a lot from the Batman v Superman trailer. It had already been confirmed that Batman is an established presence in the Batman v Superman world, working at a superhero for years before Clark Kent came along. While this gives us a reason for why Bruce Wayne might resent the Man of Steel, it also prompts plenty of unanswered questions about what adventures, and misadventures, Batman and his sidekicks have had so far. If you haven't already, check out the trailer, and keep an eye out for Batman backstory hints!

Who Killed Robin?

Did you catch that? Batman is shown examining the interior of his Bat Cave, and in one case there's an empty suit, liberally graffitied in yellow ink.

A chilling reminder... why didn't he just wash it?
A chilling reminder... why didn't he just wash it?

No wonder he's so grumpy. It would appear that Batman already had a Robin, but he was tragically murdered in the line of duty. For anyone that can't read the writing scrawled on Robin's suit, this is what it says.

"HAHAHA Joke's on you BATMAN"

Maniacal laughing? Murder as a joke? There's only one person who could be responsible for this... The Joker! It seems as though Jared Leto's Joker has a history with Batman before we see him in Suicide Squad. Could this mean Jared Leto will cameo in Batman v Superman? This has been rumoured for a long time, as reports of a vicious scene where Joker kills Robin flooded the internet.

I'm just gonna hurt ya really, really bad.
I'm just gonna hurt ya really, really bad.

And after the Suicide Squad trailer, Jason's onscreen death is more likely than we thought... Though it might actually appear in the Suicide Squad movie instead. Remember that scene with the Joker? The dialogue is very similar to Robin's death scene in the iconic DC comic Death In The Family, where the Joker brutally murders Jason Todd.

"This is gonna hurt you way more than it hurts me!"

Of course, despite the dialogue similarities, any scene that deals with Robin will probably be in Batman v Superman... But that doesn't mean that we won't see the consequences of the murder play out in Suicide Squad!

Grief and Guilt: Harley Quinn Alone

Many sources are already hinting that the Joker may have had Harley Quinn as his accomplice in Robin's murder, and that this is why she's flying solo in Suicide Squad. In fact, some are speculating that the Joker let Harley take the fall for the crime, which is way she is incarcerated at the beginning of the film.

Enjoying her jail time?
Enjoying her jail time?

Or maybe Harley killed Robin to impress the Joker! They do have similar styles after all. But speculation aside, there's many more villainous possibilities of what Robin's death might mean for the future of the Dawn of Justice story.

Red Hood's Return and New Robins

That's right, Jason Todd's villain alter ego is a priority for the DC Cinematic Universe producers. Though it's unlikely we'll see him in Batman v Superman, he'll probably be the big bad in Ben Affleck's solo Batman flick. But what does this mean for Robin in Batman v Superman? There are still plenty of possibilities for all you sidekick fans...

  • Dick Grayson: though in the comics chronology he came before Jason Todd in the Robin roster, the movies might switch around their appearances so they can use Red Hood as a villain later on. And with Zack Snyder's son rumoured to play the Caped Crusader's sidekick, we might see kid Dick in training for the Robin role.
  • Carrie Kelly: with Jena Malone confirmed to appear in Batman v Superman, many fans are wondering if she will play redheaded Robin Carrie Kelly. This would be an interesting twist on the story, and would fit with the older Batman that Ben Affleck is playing - in the comics a grizzled Bruce Wayne rescues her from muggers, just before he plans to retire.
  • Barbara Gordon: Robins aren't the only sidekicks Batman has had - could Robin's death prompt Batgirl, or Kate Kane's Batwoman, to swing onto the scene?
  • This small child
You're my Robin now!
You're my Robin now!

Ok, maybe that last one isn't so likely, but Bruce Wayne has been known to take in orphaned kids and train them to fight crime so it's not too much of a stretch!

Whatever happens, we're definitely going to see some fallout from Robin's death in both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. But what do you think happened? Did the Joker kill Robin, or was it Harley Quinn? Tell us in the comments, or write your own post!


Which Robin do you want to see in Batman v Superman?


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