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David England

The Fantastic Four remake was just as bad, if not worse, than the original two movies. The actors were not well known, but were not able to portray the characters like most of us would have liked.

Why would you have a black Johnny Storm when everyone who has seen the movies and read the comics knows that Johnny Storm is an arrogant white boy, who pushes the law. He is a teenager when he become the human torch. Although in the original, Chris Evans played Johnny Storm, he looked and acted like a teenager. This Johnny Storm was arrogant, but he was not a teenager at all. He was in his early twenties

We all know Ben Grimm as Reed Richards childhood friend, but in the comics and the original movie, he was a NASA pilot. In this movie, Ben is son of a junkyard owner, who helps Reed Richards build his first transporter. The only thing people could talk about when the Thing first got released was why didn't he have a penis, or only if he had a penis. The fact that that was the only thing that they first talked about was just odd. Also, this Ben Grimm was not as well built as the other Ben Grimm. He is supposed to be a former football player, yet here he is only a junkyard owner.

Sue Storm was probably the only character that they got at least semi right on. She was Johnny older sister, and the love interest of Reed Richards. The fact that she was adopted, and was a different color than the rest of the Storm family, was a little upsetting. The fact that she was also kinda in love with Victor Von Doom was also a little surprising.

The actor who portrayed Reed Richards looked like he had just graduated from high school and should be starting college soon. Reed Richards in the comic book was a little older than Sue Storm, but was also engaged to her. He is a doctor, while in this movie, he is a student.

The movie overall was good, but the actors that they picked to portray the fantastic four were either too young, or in Ben Grimm's case, did not fit the mold of the characters we have all known and loved.


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