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When Uncle Ben said those famous words to his nephew Peter, he had no idea just how much they would influence his life going forward. Peter Parker didn't get to choose his powers, nor the responsibilities that came along with them - he simply played the cards that he was dealt. But, what if he had been able to choose his abilities? What if YOU could summon the powers and character traits of your favorite fictional characters and take care of your own responsibilities? What would you do?

The Challenge

Set yourself on a mission that you hope to accomplish and equip yourself with 3 abilities/character traits from fictional characters that will help you succeed in your quest. Your mission can be either for good or for evil, just make sure you have the right set of skills to get it done. Your characters can come from any movie, TV show or game that you can conjure!

"Did somebody say, evil?"
"Did somebody say, evil?"

If you're having trouble thinking of a mission to embark upon, take this quiz!!

Moviepilot Mission: What's Your Top-Secret Task?

SSSHHHHHH... it's a secret
SSSHHHHHH... it's a secret

If you'd like even further inspiration, here's what my contest entry might look like.

My Mission: Infiltrate The Batcave

Artwork by Dick Giordano
Artwork by Dick Giordano

Look, I'm not a bad guy okay? But I got in some trouble with the wrong people and the only way to settle my debt is to provide them with some information. The only way I can get my hands on that information is to infiltrate Bruce Wayne's Batcave and hack into his batcomputer... wish me luck!

The 3 Abilities I Need to Succeed

I. Intellect (Light Yagami: Death Note)

Now, I have to keep in mind that my assignment is to infiltrate the legendary Batcave, one of the heavily protected, technologically advanced fortresses of the modern age. That being said, I can't simply smash my way through the front door. To be successful I must be able to think and reason on the same level as the minds that operate it. In order to infiltrate Batman's lair I need the logical reasoning, intelligence and wit of Light Yagami (Death Note). With these supreme intellectual abilities, I'll be able to crack all of the riddles and codes in my way and hack into the batcomputer without wasting any time. This one is a no-brainer (get it, no... brainer?)

II. Hand-to-hand combat (Ryu: Street Fighter)

While I'm hoping for an easy in and out, I know that it's very likely I will have to confront none other than The Batman himself. When that happens, I want to be able to go toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight and hold my own. I won't take any weapons with me because I respect the Batman too much to kill him. If he gets in my way I just want to be able to bruise him, really... really, bad.

III. Getaway skills (Max: Mad Max)

Once I've gotten the files I need, I'm REALLY hoping for a clean getaway. Even if I get into a scuffle with the Batman and manage to knock him down, I know he won't stay there for long. He's going to chase me and surely come at me with everything he's got. I need to make sure that I can seal the deal and deliver the files safely to my employer and in a timely fashion, before he starts hunting me down as well. For this reason I'm asking for the automotive skills of Max from the original Mad Max trilogy. If I need to get the hell out of dodge, I want to be able to summon my inner road warrior and give myself a solid chance at an escape. I'm not taking any chances with the batmobile...


What do you think... would I succeed in my mission?

Now it's YOUR turn!

win something from our ever-growing collection!
win something from our ever-growing collection!
  • All entries must be received by Sunday August 30, 12pm ET
  • The contest is open to: USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India or any of the EU countries (except France- see T&C's)*
  • Entry must be in the form of an article or video ON Moviepilot, not a link to another site or a comment
  • Entry must be a completely new post - no resubmissions of older posts please
  • Tag your post with Contest Entry, then share the link in the comments section of this post
  • Any questions about the contest, please contact: [email protected]
  • By entering into this contest you confirm that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions

God speed, and good luck!


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