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We’re in the dog days of summer, which means barbecues, swimming pools and of course baseball! There’s nothing like getting out to the stadium, taking your seat on a hot summer day and cheering for your favorite team. The smell of the grass, the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd are forever engrained in my mind and will always bring a smile to my face.

We may not all be baseball fans, but we are all movie fans and there are a lot of great baseball movies out there. Some of them are based on true stories and use real people, but others have introduced some of our absolute favorite characters. They’re all major components of their respective teams but what if we brought them together to create a super team!?

I have taken some of the best players from some great baseball movies and put them into a lineup. Here is my cinematic super team:

Pitcher: Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn - Major League

Any time you can get a starting pitcher that throws 100 mph, you jump on that opportunity. As long as we can keep his head in the game and not focusing on his endorsement deals, we’ve got a great pitcher here. With the heat that Wild Thing brings to the mound, we can put up with the control issues. He just has to get rid of the eliminator, the terminator and the humiliator and just stick to the old number one.

Catcher: Crash Davis - Bull Durham

Any great team needs an experienced leader. The way Crash is able to mold young pitchers makes him essential to the team as he will have his work cut out for him with Wild Thing. Crash can get the job done with the bat but his biggest role with this team will be as a catcher and a mentor.

First Base: Stan Ross - Mr. 3000

You would be surprised how few of these movies focus on a first baseman. It was tough to find a player who’s primary position was first base. Luckily, I still managed to come out of my search with a hall-of-famer. Mr. 3000 is known for one thing: getting hits. Sure, he may be a hit short of his title, but 2999 is still a lot of hits. Along with being a great table-setter, Ross will also be another leader for this team.

Second Base: Marla Hooch - A League of Their Own

She may not look like a major leaguer, but this girl can hit! Marla hits for power and average and hits to all fields. She’s not very vocal as she is more of a lead by example kind of player. That could be a exactly what this team needs given some of the big personalities in the lineup.

Third Base: Gus Johnson - The Benchwarmers

Like first base, it was tough to find a player that frequents the hot corner. Gus actually pitched for The Benchwarmers, but I have a feeling that had more to do with the fact that his team only had three players and less to do with that being his natural position. Gus is a fundamentally sound player with a cannon for an arm, making him a perfect fit for third base; plus, the guy can hit. Let’s just hope his little league field numbers project well onto a big league diamond.

Shortstop: Kelly Leak - The Bad News Bears

Grabbing a talented athlete like the Bears’ ringer is a no-brainer. Leak can play several positions and he can really hit. If the leaders of this team can mold him and iron out his attitude a little bit, he can become a valuable asset to this team. Hopefully, off field troubles won’t come into play.

Left Field: Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez - The Sandlot

Speed kills, and with The Jet, we’ve got a lot of it. Once he laces up the PF Flyers, he’s a blur. Benny is a 5-tool player and an essential part of this team. The only hard part about putting him on the field is choosing which position to put him at. He can play anywhere, but I’ve chosen to put his speed to use in the outfield. Benny can be another leader in the clubhouse as well as a major producer in the lineup.

Center Field: Willie Mays Hayes - Major League

This is the only guy that could make me move The Jet over from center field. With all this speed, the defense I have set up in the outfield is impenetrable. On top of that, Willie gives me another guy that can get on base and turn a single into a double with ease. How could I pass up the opportunity to get a player that hits like Mays and runs like Hayes?

Right Field: Rex “T-Rex” Pennebaker - Mr. 3000

This guy's a home-run hitter and an RBI machine. He has an attitude that needs some work, but Ross has worked with that in the past. The talent outweighs the risk here as T-Rex may be the best player on this team. Plug him into the middle of the lineup, and watch the scoreboard light up!


Here’s my lineup card!

1. Willie Mays Hayes CF

2. Benny Rodriguez LF

3. Marla Hooch 2B

4. Rex Pennebaker RF

5. Gus Matthews 3B

6. Stan Ross 1B

7. Kelly Leake SS

8. Crash Davis C

9. Rick Vaughn P


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