ByLayla Brown Pavlak, writer at

When I was a small child, maybe six or seven, my sister had a slumber party while our parents were away. Her and her two friends decided that our basement, her bedroom and den, was a wonderfully creepy place to play with a homemade quija board. The makeshift board was set up in the middle of the room so everyone could gather around it.

After many accusations of another pushing the glass to freak the others out, it was decided that nothing was really going to happen. We ended the "game" and proceeded with the slumber party, moving the board and glass to the bed across the room. The partiers turned on some music and began to dance and laugh. Suddenly, with no one near the board, the glass shot across the room and shattered against the stone wall! Freaked out but blaming this person or that person, we all decided to leave the creepiness of the basement and watch television in the upstairs living room.

My cousin, one of the slumber partiers, was searching for my sister after only about 10 minutes of leaving the basement. She thought that she had gone back to the basement and went down to find her. She called her name from about half way down the stairs and only heard a low shuffling coming from below. She went down farther calling her name again. As she rounded the corner into my sister's bedroom she saw a very large dark shadow cross the room where we had played with the quija board. At that moment, my sister called to my cousin from the top of the stairs. No one was in the basement aside from my cousin who immediately ran up the stairs as fast as she possibly could. The police were called about the shadow figure, thinking that it had to belong to someone... The police found nothing.


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