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A new report from In Touch has more or less called out Tom Cruise on his parenting issues revolving around his daughter Suri. She's 9 years old and the Scientologist hasn't seen her in a reported "two years." I think leaving the In Touch coverage below is the best way to report this situation.

He was in New York City, mere blocks away from Suri, and didn't visit her. Check it out below:

Tom Cruise has not visited his daughter Suri in two years, In Touch magazine is reporting exclusively in its new issue. Tom recently spent three days in NYC and was blocks away from his daughter, yet still did not see her.
Tom “was just blocks away from Suri [in New York City] and he didn’t spend a moment of time with her,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch magazine. Adds one of his friends: “That’s the cold, harsh reality.”
Now, multiple sources tell In Touch magazine that it has been nearly two years since Tom has seen Suri in person.
In the early afternoon of July 27, both Katie and Suri were photographed out and about in NYC as Tom – just blocks away – taped The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at 30 Rockefeller Center. “There was no connection with Suri that day,” says an insider. And during his three-day visit, he also made time to attend a special screening of Mission: Impossible at the Directors Guild of America, hit the red carpet for his film’s NYC premiere and tape The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, but nowhere in between was there a reunion with his 9-year-old daughter.
Tom has missed a lot of milestone moments, including Suri’s first day of school and her big move to California. “These are important moments in Suri’s life, and Tom wasn’t there for them,” his friend tells In Touch.
And Tom doesn’t want to talk about it. Multiple reports say his camp banned reporters on his M:I 5 promotional blitz from asking about his personal life. “Tom will never address the Suri situation,” says a second insider. “It’s not going to happen because it’s a no-win situation for him.”

I think this all leaves us thinking...

Well, the good news for Tom right now is that [Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation](tag:373501) is getting rave reviews and killing it in the box office - to the tune of $139 million worldwide so far. Tom has his money, but will he reach out to his daughter? We surely hope so!

(Via: In Touch)


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