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(Warning - if you don't want to know any details about Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, then look away now. What comes below may contain SPOILERS...)

Now, from what we've seen thus far in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens' two trailers and rapidly expanding range of promotional materials, it very much seems as though - of the original cast - Han Solo and Chewbacca are set to be taking the leading roles. Which...makes a certain amount of sense, seeing as Harrison Ford is still far-and-away the biggest star of the original cast, and a fan-favorite to boot.

It also, however, raises some pretty big questions about just what the other original cast members are going to get up to in the movie - and in the wake of an recent interview given by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, one particular question is waving its hand faster than any of the others:

Just What Is Luke Skywalker's Role Going to Be?

Y'see, while speaking to EW, Kennedy revealed that:

"The themes and ideas that we all continue to talk about are the themes and ideas that were the inherent in the original movies...We’re looking, obviously, for aspiration, for characters who are conflicted between good and evil, dark and light."

Which, combined with her proposal that the movie's central question is...

"‘Who is Luke Skywalker?’"

...might just suggest that we're set to see a very different version of Luke than we might have been expecting.

Just How Will Luke Appear in the Movie, Then?

After all, there have long been murmurings that he will, since the end of Return of the Jedi, have turned to the Dark Side - or at least away from the Light Side of the Force. Is it possible, then, that the conflict between good and evil that Kennedy is referring to is one within Luke Skywalker's very own heart?

Perhaps - but it's also entirely possible that Luke is, in fact, still exactly the kind of noble - if troubled - hero we know and love from the original trilogy. After all, there are a whole lot of heroic characters who could be set to struggle with the Dark Side's allure - and indeed villainous ones who could struggle with the appeal of the Light.

Albeit, the Star Wars series hasn't yet really seen a villain transition into a hero yet - seeing as Lando really doesn't count, and Darth Vader only managed about 20 seconds of redemption before dying in his son's arms. Could the grand redemption of one of the newly introduced heroes - Adam Driver, I'm looking at you - be a major theme of the new trilogy?

And, if so, could that be who Luke Skywalker is? The man who can turn Sith into Jedi, and - as the Force awakens - finally return the Jedi to the galaxy?

Here's hoping...

What do you reckon, though?

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