ByAndrew Brindley, writer at
Film reviewer, comic book fan and all around movie watcher.
Andrew Brindley

So there have been many action scenes in many different comic book films over the past several years. We as comic book nerds have been blessed greatly with a ton of are favorite characters being put on the big or smaller screens and having them being taking seriously.

So lets take a journey back to the days past, where some of the best comic book films delivered the best of actions scenes. But more specifically, fight scenes.

You guys will be deciding on a #1 fight scene through polls. But before you do, take a moment and watch each showdown.


Iron-Man Vs Thor Or Thor Vs Hulk?


Batman Vs Bane Or Superman Vs Zod?


Train Fight or Bank Fight?


Daredevil Vs Kingpin Or Daredevil Vs Nobu


Elevator Fight Or Highway Fight?

That should cover it for now. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.


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