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The Internet is full of bullies that have nothing better to do with their time than hide behind a computer and criticize. Celebrities have to have thick skin, as they are the most targeted. Unfortunately, it's just that hurtful things happen when a person puts themselves out in the public eye, even though it shouldn't be that way.

You show him, Hermione!
You show him, Hermione!

Anne Hathaway got the intense brunt of it when there was a huge surge of "Hathahate" welling up a few years ago, in which people deemed her incredibly desperate and over-the-top with her incessant Oscar campaigning.

“For a very long time I felt I was being hunted, and it made me very unhappy.”

In my opinion, if that's the "worst" a person is doing, then I really feel like that hateful energy can be used on more important issues than Anne Hathaway's Oscar wants or not. Think about it. If you were nominated for an Oscar, wouldn't you milk the crap out of it? Yep!

I know I definitely would. But jealous haters gonna hate when you're an incredibly beautiful and talented actress, I guess.

Hathaway shines on the cover of September's issue of InStyle to help promote the Nancy Meyer's newest comedy The Intern, starring Hathaway and Robert DeNiro.

Lately, Anne has really let loose and is starting to sport more of a DGAF attitude. She says:

“In the past few years I’ve been working on changing the script inside my head. Life’s too short to be anyone but yourself. Let the chips fall where they may.”

If you haven't caught her hilarious Lip Sync Battle against Emily Blunt, then you are missing out. Watch as she channels all of Miley's deep and provocative energy in her rendition of 'Wrecking Ball.'

She clearly kicked Emily Blunt's Janis Joplin lip sync's butt. But in all fairness, Anne's performance is a tough act to beat.

So go screw yourselves, Hathahaters. This woman's stronger and more talented than ever. If you're living your life sitting behind a keyboard and being an asshole, I feel bad for you son. She's a nominated actress with an Oscar, and you've got none.

*mic drop*

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