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One of the constant hit-or-miss factors on DC's TV slate has been it's use of original characters for their shows. Not everyone is pulled directly from the comics, such as Jada Pinkett Smith's extremely popular Fish Mooney on Gotham, and it seems as though the show isn't finished when it comes to bringing in new ideas regarding their gallery of villainous personalities.

With a set focus on the "Rise of the Villains" in Gotham City, chaos will continue to breed through Leo Fitzpatrick, best known for his roles on The Wire and My Name is Earl, who will play a notorious gang leader named Joe Pike, who is at the helm of the Pike Brothers. What their motivations will be are unclear, but with just Jim Gordon and the GCPD to face the growing crime in Gotham City, the addition of a high-profile gang won't make things any easier.

Season 2 of Gotham premieres on September 21st.


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