ByHarry Kerrison, writer at

I've heard a lot of people getting angry about the upcoming Marilyn Manson film coming in 2016 - 'let me make you a martyr'

Now I understand that one may be angry about who was picked for the part of the Native American bounty hunter. And I'm not going to lie I love it.

Now let me explain to you what I mean by this, I hate racism, I really do but you need to understand that watching people getting flamed up about something they don't even know about makes me laugh, you could say it's one of my guilty pleasures.

For people all the white folk out there trying to get a chance to catch out 'racists' and make them feel a tiny bit better by demoralising someone else - AKA - people who haven't even read the trailer the role was cast to Marilyn Manson.

Now of course I can see how people would be angry about this but I mean..... SERIOUSLY !!... It's Marilyn fucking Manson he lives for the Flamers and the attention I think he almost craves it

So before you start running around screaming racist at MM read this first and at least hear what he has to say I bet u 90% he would have asked for the role


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