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Doctor Who has been on television for over 50 years. Now, there have been more companions than Doctors, and none of them have been anything short of memorable. When they left, we couldn't hold back the tears. But there have been characters that made us cry, who never became companions. They never traveled the universe with the Doctor, but they left their marks on us all the same. If only they had become the next companion. These are the five characters who came so close to riding in the TARDIS.

Lady Marian

In case you don't recognize her, she was in the Series 8 episode "The Robot of Sherwood", in which she was revealed as Robin Hood's true love. I liked the first scene she was in, when she spat in the face of the Sheriff. She was brave and not afraid of what he would do to her. But she also fought the robots with the Doctor using the gold plates, which showed one key trait that every companion needs - she trusted the Doctor. Fighting the robots could've cost her her life, yet she did it anyway. Much like she did to the sheriff, she spat in the face of fear.

Craig Owens

Of all the would-be-companions, Craig was probably the most relatable. I mean, when we first meet him, he's trying to find the courage to tell the girl of his dreams that he's in love with her. Most of us have been in a situation like that some point in our lives. The Doctor was able to give him that courage to speak, he made him become a new person. In many ways, Craig needed the Doctor, but he wanted to have his own life with the one he loved most. He ended up having a son with this girl in a later episode, so while it would've been cool to see him become a companion, maybe it's for the best that he didn't.

Vincent Van Gogh

It was because of this depiction of Van Gogh that he became my favorite artist (not kidding). It's one of the things I love about Doctor Who. Even though people don't go into it expecting accurate depictions of famous historical figures, they show new ideas about these people that make them much more human. With Vincent, I saw a man that was troubled by all the pain and horrors he saw on a regular basis, and it drove him to insanity. Yet he still found beauty in those moments, and he captured it through his canvas. It's what made the real Van Gogh one of the best artists of all time, and it's what made Doctor Who's character so memorable.

Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter)

Yeah, she's the Doctor's Daughter but it's a little more complicated than that. The Doctor discovered a world at war and an army that created it's soldiers through artificial genetic replicating. They used the Doctor's DNA and created Jenny. Of course the Doctor didn't see her as his daughter at first because she was born a soldier. She automatically turned to violence as a solution, something the Doctor strongly opposes. But when she was told about her father, about the planets he's saved and the civilizations he's discovered, she was attracted to the idea. Sadly, she never got to travel with him, as he left that world believing she was dead. But if only he could've seen her live, his world would've been much different.

Sally Sparrow

Out of all the people I've listed above, I wish more than anything that she became a companion. Sally never had more than five minutes of screen time with the Doctor, but the whole episode was focused on her as she tried to fight off the Weeping Angels, who are easily the scariest monsters ever seen on Doctor Who. I liked her because even though she never met the Doctor, she carried all the traits needed to be the perfect companion. Not once did she give up on her quest, no matter how terrifying it got. She had a heart of gold, much like the Doctor himself, but most of all, she was clever. She solved all the puzzles and mysteries that came her way. Sally wasn't just the perfect companion, she practically carried the Doctor's spirit inside her.

Now, just because these characters were never companions, doesn't mean that there haven't been any good companions. Actually, I can't think of a single companion that I've genuinely disliked. They all gave something the Doctor needed, and while these five may not be companions now, don't lose hope. For all we know, they're just one time vortex away.


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