ByBrad Dee, writer at

Snyder has been developing a giant storyline in the world of Batman that has been mixed with both controversy and excitement. The main thing that has happened is that people are unsure of what to expect next because this is a world they are not used to. For one thing, some people are not happy with what Snyder has given us in this recent storyline, yet they still continue to return each month to see what happens next. Hos newest epic involves the mystery of the return of Bruce Wayne and also the adventures of the newest Batman, a muscled up, mechsuit wearing Gordon.

Batman #43 is again an exciting issue that gives us alot of information in the span of 24 pages. First, we are given more information on the newest Batman villain Mr. Bloom, who is seen as one of the creepiest badguys to grace the Batman books in recent years. But, people didn't buy this comic for that. They came to see the conversation that was going to happen between Gordon and Bruce Wayne that was shown as the cliffhanger of the last issue. Now, people are going to look at that conversation and the other one between Alfred and Superman(sorry....I mean Clark) as a method of finding a way to keep Bruce Wayne into the story so that he eventually takes back the mantle of the Bat. Now, everyone knows this will happen down the road. But, Snyder has steered us on a course yet again where we don't know what to expect. It's understandable that some readers might have difficulty accepting the current changes but Snyder and the Bat-team are showing us how it's possible to give a new take on the character without veering too far off the path we're familiar with. We're still seeing a lot of the same players. This issue had a fantastic balance of story, horror, suspense and good ol' fashioned Batman ass kicking. Scott Snyder's story continues to be strong. Plus, the cliffhanger supplied by Snyder again shows us that nobody is ever safe in these books anymore and we need to stick around to see what happens next. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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