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As the countdown begins until the start of The Flash season 2 there are a lot of hints that are right in front of us that we miss by a blink! as you may have seen by the season finale in season 1 which is left on a cliff hanger? Which allows us to question the future?.... For example will flash be sucked in by the black hole? Will he survive? Could he lose his powers?

Well actually if you may have not of thought into detail this could Expand amount of ideas for the next season, it's made it a lot easier for the producers to break the laws of physics because this hole could've oped a portal to the multiverse... Which by this it could suggest the fact that this could allow other flashes or more importantly Harrison wells from a parallel universe could enter flashes time line and this implies the fact that season 2 could be a replica of season 1 however this time Barry knows that Wells is the "bad guy".

A few weeks ago I said The Flash essentially “won at TV”, creating a compelling story that kept everyone glued to their seats and giddy with excitement. On tonight’s finale “Fast Enough”, The Flash won the finale wars. Don’t get me wrong, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. and Daredevil had some pretty amazing season finales but they can’t hold a candle to the excellence we just witnessed. Take a bow Greg Berlanti, you’ve given us an amazing show.

Fair enough we need to give it to Greg Berlanti he's kept us on the edge of our seats, we've literally wanted punch Harrison Wells because of how greg's been building tension and suspense on who the reverse flash is... Then out of no-where he shocks "some" of us that it's Harrison wells ?!?! The man who has built this whole idea of looking after flash then BANG IN YOUR FACE??? Well done you deserve a medal.

Well I hope that season 2 will be even better and more tension building and more blood pumping, heart pounding and head hurting as season 1 :D


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