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Hana Yori Dango a manga that debuted 1992 and ended 2003. It's gotten an anime adaption followed by four live actions. All equally beloved and treassured by fans all over the world. Hana Yori Dango, the japanese version. Meteor Garden, the taiwanese one. The korean one Boys Over Flowers and at last Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan which is an indian adaption. Im sure im not the only one who have wanted it to be adapted into a western one and in this case an american live action.

I've choosen the actors not only because of their looks but also in that abilities of acting. This is my dream cast for Hana Yori Dango a.k.a Boys over flowers.

Nolan Gerard Funk is someone who could play the role of Domyouji Tsukasa well i think. He's used to playing douchebages - which Domyouji kind of is in the beginning - but he also has the ability to play the sass-blind, innocent Domyuji with a smile that could melt ice.

Ciara Bravo is the one i immediately thought of the role for Tsukushi Makino. Ciara isn't un-accostomed to play tomboyish, tough girls yet with an underlaying sweetness and warmth. Her snark and cool attitude in "Red Band Society" is something she could use for her role as Tsukushi who uses her sassiness and deadpan jokes as weapons if she understands that talking it through simply isn't enough and in worst case scenario she raises her fists. Her role in it where she was involved in an love triangle might come to use too.

Finding the actor for Rui was probably one of the hardest things i've done but it was worth it since it lead me to none other than Jamie Campbell Bower. Rui is a damaged one man who wants to feel safe, loved and bonds with very few people. Towards people he feels safe with he's very charming, acting a bit like a prince in an shining armor towards Tsukushi. All these sides have Jamie shown in his many roles weather it's as the mythological king of "Camelot" or the bad boy heartthrob in "The Mortal Instruments" and he's a sweetheart off camera.

For the role of Soujiro this was a no brainer even though i regret it a little since Logan Lerman is foremost a movie actor. But like Soujiro he's elegant in some ways, calm, witty and has that boyish charm that makes ladies swoon.

Akira's family is conected to the Yakuza in the manga, the japanese maffia making me think of the italian maffia so i searched for actors with italian heritage and that's when i saw Nick Jonas. He could certainly make women fall at his feet, he's charismatic and when he needs to show his more dangerous side he's been showing it off in "Kingdom".

When i searched for the actress who could play an american Yuuki i went over the desired characteristics - Sweet, witty, girl next door, tough when threatening her friends and innocent when it comes to love. That's when i found Molly C Quinn, this lovely woman's role as Alexis in "Castle" is very alike to that of Yuuki and i jus tknow she would be a good match. Also she and Logan Lerman would be a cute couple - for the sake of many fans feels i hope that if they were to make an american adaption that they let Yuuki and Soujiro be together.

Tsukushis parents are one of a kind and i need actors who could portray their ditzy yet lovable roles. I immediately though of Alyson Hannigan for her role in "How I Met Your Mother" and i know that Alyson would be able to make us love Tsukushis mother through her acting.

I needed someone who could play awkward, shy and cute while also being able to stay firm in certain situations which made me think of Leonard from "The Big Bang Theory" so naturally i choose Johnny Galacki for the role of Tsukushis father.

For the role of Tsukushi's i fought between actors until i finally choose Davis Cleveland who could portray the hopeful, deadpanned humored brother of Tsukushi. Also he's in the correct age range as Tsukusis brother is ^^

The lovely Shizuka, one-sided love interest of Rui. Shizuka is a kind hearted woman who is awed by many - as a model, as someone who uses her fame for good and is a good role model. That's when i saw a picture of Mandy Moore who's played roles like that before and i've fallen in love with her more times than i can count when i watch her act so im satisfied this casting her as Shizuka.

For the role of Tsukasas i immediately thought of Ashley Leggat because of her role as Casey in "Life With Derek", glam up the role and make her more michievious. I've always seen Ashley as a very motherly person though somehow, Tsukasas sister is like the mother he never had because their own mother was cold and distant.

For the role of Tsukasas cold, distant, controlling mother we have *drumroll* Joy Tanner. It may be her sharp looks but i got drawn to her and personally thinks she can play the rolse justice as the witch like mother.

This is my dream cast for Hana Yori Dango ^^ Do you have others in mind? Please share them in the comments down below or create your own post :) Hope you had a good read and a good weekend!


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