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The year was 2005 and I had been out of high school for a year, give or take a few months. I was working my first job at KFC that I started at the age of 16, at this time in 2005 I was 19 and had become close friends with my co-workers. We lived in a small secluded town in WV that sat surrounded by the Appalachian mountains. The only thing there was to do for fun was go to the mall, ride four wheelers, drink around camp fires, or in our case create our own adventures. Myself and 4 friends we're intrigued by the paranormal so we decided to try a ouija board. We had got online and ordered an older wood model because we believed it would be more authentic than a glow in the dark toy from walmart, upon receiving the ouija board in the mail we planned to wait until the following Friday when we were all off together and visit a local cemetery where we often would go to drink. This particular cemetery had a back section with a small dirt road leading to what is now a cemetery to bury your loved pets with beautiful headstones, it didn't look scary like the movies or feel scary at all. But since it was secluded it's where we always went to drink. This Friday evening instead we decided to take some candles, sit in a circle, we held hands, closed our eyes and with all belief asked that if any spirits were present we would like to communicate. We then proceeded to put our fingers on the planchette and ask questions. It seemed to be movie to scare us and then one of us had admitted to moving it so we got annoyed, picked up the candles loaded into the car and put the ouija board in the trunk along with the planchet. We talked for a few before leaving and started to depart from the cemetery. When we reached the exit we noticed something in the road and Matt got out to get it and turned to us with a look of shock, he then opened the door cursing and saying, "this isn't funny, you guys are assholes." When I saw what he was holding I was shocked. It was in fact, the same ouija board I had placed in the trunk 15 minutes ago. We all then went to check the trunk and sure enough the ouija board was the one from the trunk, but no planchet, now the question was where did it go? We looked around outside then got back into the car and sitting on the passenger side was the planchet. We 2 of the 4 of us wanted to leave but Marcus and I convinced them to give it a try. We had came for this purpose and even though I admit I was scared I was also excited because now I beleive something interesting may happen. We pulled back to the same area and began to play again with no luck. Nearly 20 minutes had passed and nothing so we were about to leave when suddenly the planchet moved on its own. We were all in a state of shock and put our fingers back on the planchet which slowly moved in order M-A-R-T-Y. Amazing we thought, we have a name and someone who truly is communicating from the other side. We asked if he was the only spirit with us. The planchet then moved to NO, before we could ask another question it moved to 10 and slowly started moving 9-8-7-6-5-4-3....... That's the last I remember, I then woke up with vomit on my shirt and my friends were in a frenzy and scares we were in a Chevy Equinox but you would have thought it to be a race car the way Matt was driving us out of there. They told me that at 3 I fainted and began vommiting and almost convulsing (I have no history of seizures), when we crossed from the cemetery onto the main road was when they said I came to and was myself again. We burnt the ouija board and iv never used one again. Iv never had any problems or occurrences since and still can't explain what happened that night but it terrified me. That would be story and I strongly suggest unless you study this type of stuff or know what your doing don't attempt to contact the dead.


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