ByBrad Dee, writer at

For the past 3 months, the Superman world has been shaken to the core. We have seen a world where Lois Lane has sold out Clark Kents identity to the tabloids. A world where the Fortress has forbidden Superman from entering it again. A world where Superman has lost more then half of his powers and is no longer seen as invulnerable. A world where the police force of the world wants to take Superman down because of all the damage that he has caused to the city during his many battles. A world where Clark has lost his job at the Planet because Perry feels that he was lied to for the past number of years. But, it is still a world where the people of Metropolis believe in their hero because of all that he has done in the past.

Greg Pak again delivers a story that can be seen straight from the headlines of a local newspaper. Last month, a number of fans looked at the comic and was upset knowing all the turmoil that has happened in the last two years regarding police brutality and the riots in Furguson that resulted from it. But, Pak showed no resistance to displaying it again. The true writing though takes place in the mind of Clark Kent, who knows that even though he is doing the right thing, he feels in his heart he is doing the wrong thing. In his mind, he is saying "I am punching a cop. This is wrong", even though the officers have no problem with using violence to stop a assembly. This issue offers a rousing conclusion to the current conflict, one that plays well on Clark's more vulnerable state and the way he continues to inspire those around him. Aaron Kuder's expressive yet down-to-earth style seems to suit the book more than ever given all these changes. This issue also displays a form of prejudice and racism, especially in the scene in the home of Clark Kent. Hence, why this story is now in the third chapter of "truth", which being called "Alienation". The ending of the story also, which is a cliffhanger yet again, isn't that great though but will have you wanting to return next month to see how all of this plays out. Another very enjoyable story, and I give it an 8 out of 10.


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