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Richard Bonsall
Details on the new Friday the 13th series. A new Friday the 13th series has been announced and here are the details. The new series won't be like the other Friday the 13th series that didn't feature Jason, this one will feature jason and is rumored to be a sequel to the movie's. The series will be based on a detective that returns to crystal lake to investigate his brother's disappearance at camp crystal lake. It's rumored to be set years later and the young residents of camp crystal lake have grown up and they no the stories of what happened long ago. Jason is thought to be long dead "So they think" new younger residents have moved into the area and then the killings start again. Could it be a copy cat or has Jason risen from the grave? It would be great to have guest appearances from survivors from the movies too, I'd love to see Tommy Jarvis back to go head to head with Jason and do you think Freddy will be mentioned? Which version of Jason would you like to see?

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