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There's nothing quite like a good horror movie to get people talking and keep you awake at night - unfortunately, good horror movies are hard to come by. How many times have you been enticed by some clever marketing, only to find the movie itself was about as scary as a game of Strip Cluedo?

(That said, Strip Cluedo can be pretty scary - choose your friends wisely.)

With that in mind, check out this roundup of some of the scariest, most hyped horror movies due in theaters in the coming months - it's a good time to be a horror fan.

Goodnight Mommy

Every now and then a truly left-field horror movie comes along to do something fresh with a genre that too often gets caught up in its own tropes. Goodnight Mommy is that movie.

In an Austrian country house, twin boys Elias and Lukas await the return of their mother. When mommy comes home, something is wrong. She doesn't seem herself - is that just a product of the major facial surgery beneath her fresh bandages, or is this woman an imposter? The close, intuitive, almost psychic bond between twins is fertile ground for the horror genre, and as the boys turn detective to figure out just who this stranger in their home is, their methods as cruel as their mother is cold, we might find our allegiances beginning to shift.

Mommy is fed a cockroach in her sleep. She crunches it on like a peanut butter cracker. Is this an experiment designed to tease out some hidden truth, or just a nocturnal act of torture? Expect your answers in a package light on jump scares and big on slow-burn psychological tension.

Goodnight Mommy is in theaters September.

Sinister 2

If you watched the trailer for Goodnight Mommy and thought "this movie looks too original and nowhere near dumb enough", try not to panic - Hollywood has the remedy, and it's called Sinister 2. Just like the first film, Insidious, Paranormal Activity and countless others, Sinister 2 is a huge haunted house full with ghostly apparitions, jump scares and nonsensical genre cliches.

Sinister 2 is in theaters August 21.

Crimson Peak

Like Sinister 2, this is a haunted house story - mercifully, that's probably about as much as these films have in common. Crimson Peak is a gothic romance-horror from the pen and lens of Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim), so at the very least you can expect a movie which is utterly incredible on a visual level.

When Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) arrives at the country seat of her new husband Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston, hopefully just playing Loki in Victorian England), she begins to uncover something strange. Whatever it is, Thomas' sister Lucille (Jessica Chastain) is in on the secret. It's hard to see how Peak could go wrong with Del Toro and a cast like this. Wasikowska, pale skin and delicate looks masking a core of inner steel, is the perfect lead - see her performance in the stunningly twisted Stoker if you're not convinced.

Stephen King has seen it, and has declared it "gorgeous and fucking terrifying", and drawn parallels with The Evil Dead. So there.

Crimson Peak hits theaters October 16.

The Gift

What do you do when by chance, twenty years later, you run into an old high school acquaintance named Gordo, whom you never liked in the first place and still consider to be a creep? Do you make brief small talk, then turn and walk away, and forget about the encounter? Or do you invite Gordo over for dinner? Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) invite him to dinner, and as you'd expect, things soon take a turn for the sinister.

The Gift comes from first-time director Joel Edgerton (the Australian actor who also plays Gordo here) and harks back to the thrillers of the early '90s. Gordo claims he is willing to "let bygones be bygones", and lavishes Simon and Robyn with unwanted gifts. When Simon demands that Gordo remove himself from their lives, old wounds are reopened. Suddenly, those bygones are no longer bygones. As Robyn digs deeper into events long buried, she begins to wonder if her husband is really the man she thought she knew...

The Gift is already in theaters.

"The Shining for a new generation" - high praise for Goodnight Mommy...
"The Shining for a new generation" - high praise for Goodnight Mommy...

We'll have more on Crimson Peak and Goodnight Mommy as their release dates draw closer. In the meantime...


Which of these horror movies is giving you the tingles?


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