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I love DC , but I like Marvel
Harrie Taylor

The past years have given us fantastic movies from both the MCU and the DCEU .These moves have resurrected the superhero genre and created a new generation of fans (myself included) But , what if I'm a idealistic , imaginenary world the MCU and DCEU made a crossover movie , or movies. Well that would be pretty damn awesome , but we might not have to live in an imaginary world for this to be a possibility . Yes it could happen in the near future.

Where This Has Happened Before.

A crossover event is not something that hasn't happened before. All the way back in good old '96 a 4 issue comic was released titles "DC vs Marvel" in which both respected universes acknowledged each other's existence and readied their superheroes for duels, (yeah if you haven't read it already then where the hell have you been!!)

So , with this in mind , a crossover movie dosent seem to unlikely if their comic book counter parts have done it in the past. And who doesn't wanna see Superman vs Hulk!

Why it won't happen in the next 5 years.

If a movie of this type did go ahead , then it wouldn't happen straight away. Both MCU and the DCEU have movies slated to come out until 2020 ( marvel phase 3 and 4 ) so if a movie were to happen then it would probably be after that time (unfortunately).

The Present fierce competition between the two.

Now you may be wondering why there hasn't been any talks between Marvel Studios and Warner Bros for a future crossover movie. And the answer to that is simple , the competition at the moment. In this present time their is an extremely fierce and high pressured competition, especially as marvel , the current front runners in superhero genre feel very threatened by the new but seemingly verypowerful DCEU. This creates tension between the two powerhouses and hence why , at this time , no official talks have been held.

But hopefully this will change within the next years and the two will listen to us fans and give us what we want! But for the time being it is just a waiting game...


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