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Big fan of The Simpsons, specifically Ned Flanders? Big fan of metal? Well, good news, friend, because there's now a Ned Flanders tribute band called "Okilly Dokilly" out there to fill that need. With songs like "They Warned Me" and "Nothing At All" these guys are really going full force with their Ned Flanders theme. When asked to describe their sound, the frontman had this to say:

Not as fast as Bartcore, and a little cleaner than Krusty Punk,” Head Ned said of the band's sound. “Not as heavy as Homer J.ent- Nedal is a happy medium in the Simpscene.”

Take a listen.

Their first show is going to be in their hometown in Arizona so if you're around the area, you should probably check them out if for nothing else than seeing some dudes dressed as Ned Flanders rock the f*&k out.

[ Source: The Independent and Metal Injection ]


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