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I am a huge fan of comics. I have no side on this DC VS Marvel Feud. I'll just say that, when its all over, Deadpool's gonna be on top. Piss
Scott Duncan

Obviously you guys have heard of the new MoviePilot challenge to create a team to stop the catastrophes. You must create a name for your team and put the team together. The members of the team can be from movies, games, tv shows, comics, etc.. This team must include

  • A Team Leader
  • A 1st Draft Pick
  • A 2nd Draft Pick
  • And A 3rd Draft Pick

So here are my picks. My team is called

Unrelated Vengeance

Not the best name I know but it has a cool sorta ring to it, but anyways

Team Leader:

Cable A.K.A Nathan Summers (X-men, X-force)

I chose him because he obviously has experience leading both the X-force and X-men at one point, he's from the future so he can be a big help with certain aspects, he's a great strategist, he works well with others, and, he's just a badass. I mean, he's constantly in wars and fights. Plus, he held his own against the Avengers for a good long time.

1st Draft Pick:

Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)

Okay, if any of you guys don't agree with me, go watch Pulp Fiction. This guy (Played by Samuel L. Jackson) is the epitome of a badass.

2nd Draft Pick:

Deadpool A.K.A. Wade Wilson

Deadpool is awesome. He is just a wildcard and a ninja. He's killed the entire marvel universe, he has a healing factor that rivals Wolverine's, he's insane which can help against telepaths, his fighting style is so deadly that Gambit paid Deadpool rather than fight him, and he'd bring comic relief to the team.

3rd Draft Pick:

Master Chief (Halo Series)

Master Chief is one tough Mother F***er. He's strong, tough, agile, and smart. A real powerhouse. He's fallen from f***ing space and walked away without a scratch. He's destroyed a whole race of aliens and has taken many many bullets and explosions.

What Do You Think?


Do you like my selection or do you have a better one?


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