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Unless you live in a cave, I'm pretty sure you've heard of NASA. And unless you live under a stone within that cave, chances are you've heard about the incredible findings that their space craft NASA Kepler has had. However, one of their latest discoveries is just that bit more nerdtastic than the previous ones.

Tatooine is one of the more famous extra terrestrial planets to exist within the dimensions of cinema. Thought to be one of the oldest planets in the Star Wars galaxy, the sun-scorched flatland's is the native planet of the Jawas. As most Star Wars fans know, the planet is famous for its stunning skyline boasting not one but two orbiting suns. It's that very detail that makes this latest discovery by NASA all the more interesting...

Luke Skywalker on Tatooine
Luke Skywalker on Tatooine

Labelled Kepler-453b, a team of scientists including a San Francisco State University researcher have discovered a new planet orbiting a pair of stars. Incredibly, Kepler-453b resides in deep space within the Goldilocks zone, named so due to it occupying a position within the ‘hospitable zone’ where there exists the potential for life on planets to exist, much like our own place in the solar system.

That's right... this Tatooine-esque planet could be home to an alien race!

Incredibly, even the discovery of the planet is somewhat of a miracle. The team had to get their timing spot on, as due to it's orbit the planet would not of came back into view for another 50 years.

If we had observed this planet earlier or later than we did, we would have seen nothing and assumed there was no planet there,”

“That suggests that there are a lot more of these kinds of planets than we are thinking, and we’re just looking at the wrong time.”

- Stephen Kane, head of NASA’s Kepler Habitable Zone Working Group.

It just makes you think... What else is lurking in a galaxy far, far away.

Back on planet earth, the force will awaken December 18, 2015. Directed by J.J. Abrams the film will see the original trilogy trio reprise their trademark roles alongside a new generation of Star Wars heroes.



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